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  • ajantom

    Loving the fat tyres on the Krampus, but ye gods do they spray a lot of mud everywhere! My existing crud catchers are woefully inadequate.
    I imagine a full fat would be even worse.

    Tried to find some of the PDW Dave’s Mud shovels, but they’re out of stock everywhere.
    So what are people using in the current moist weather?

    I might have to go away and make some of my own. I can guarantee they’ll be ugly 😆

    Premier Icon Sanny

    Try Dave in Bothy Bikes for PDW 😉

    Premier Icon stevemakin

    Crud rc29 guards on mine, work really well

    Premier Icon scotroutes

    SKS Grand MOM and DAD might suit you?

    Daves mud shovels are due back soon.

    If you go to my site you can set up a stock alert so you get an email when they come back in.


    Or email me and I will set up a back order for you.

    Premier Icon epicyclo

    For real foul conditions and long days, then motorbike trial guards are the go. I use them on my fatbike.

    I reckon a front would do the job for the Krampus.

    TYTrials UK

    Easy to modify with a heatgun or hairdryer.


    Well, as a Technology teacher I decided that I should try and make my own 😆
    1st and 2nd prototypes are finished – a clunky correx one, and a quickly mocked up vacuum formed one. I’m going to ride them both this weekend (good weather for it!) and if the concept works then I’ll have some proper ones made up.
    Photos to follow…..

Viewing 7 posts - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)

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