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  • Fat person = Lazy person?
  • grum

    Well done MisterP – you’ve linked to some articles on Vice magazine.

    How about these?


    For the hard of thinking, this isn’t the same as saying people don’t have to take personal responsibility – just that it’s pretty clear that some people find it a lot harder to stay a healthy weight than others, through no fault of their own.

    It really is that simple.


    This is me.
    As previously said there has been a lot of shit spouted by idiots on this thread.

    Premier Icon ton

    iolo, idiots on here will still spout that anyone fat is just lazy. life is such mate… 😀


    Well that’s bizarre; there was a long, ranting abusive post directed towards me last night, which now seems to have dissapeared. Maybe the author had a change of heaart. Makes my last post seem a bit surreal though.

    Not necessarily. Further, yes. Faster, well, that depends on your type 1 / type 2 muscle ratios, which are pretty much determined by inheritance.

    There are an awful lot of factors which can influence things,but we all have basically similar skeletons on which to hang our muscles, organs and fat. And I don’t know much about genetics, but I do suspect that blaming obesity on genes may, in many cases, be a bit of a cop out. I’d say it’s more down to lifestyle and diet patterns over time.

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    stoffel, I read the latest posts this morning, and though exactly the same. I read all you posts, and the advice was all good.
    as for riding faster, I managed 14mph on the canal path this morning. 😆


    Being fat does not make you lazy, although laziness may contribute to getting fat,
    But if you are fat it is because you are putting too many calories through your face.

    Some people can eat like a horse and not put on a pound, others can’t so don’t, don’t do, and then blame your metabolism.

    I was lucky enough to be able to stuff face and stay lean , but not anymore.


    If you ride 10 miles at 10mph, you’ll burn a certain amount of calories. If you ride that same 10 miles faster, you’ll burn more caloies.
    Hhmmm. Your logic is hopelessly flawed. However…..

    What I find mildly interesting is that STW have removed my entire post. If ever there’s been a demonstration of the high handed, prejudiced, discriminating habits of the STW mods. This has got to be it. An entire post removed. I wonder what Edukator would say……

Viewing 7 posts - 121 through 127 (of 127 total)

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