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  • Fat, gravel semi-slick/low thread rubber
  • Premier Icon IvanMTB
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    Looks like I quite successfully reduced my stable down to 2 rigs. Roadie/commuter and Ti hardtail.
    Would like to gravelize that last one a bit as on the easy trails I don’t need 29*3.25″ tyres 😎
    I have some 1.8″, low thread tyres kicking around but I suspect it might be a tad too skinny for 50mm rims…
    So any suggestions on something semi-slickish/low thread around 2.3-2.6″ wide?
    In 29″ flavour of course please.

    Premier Icon yourguitarhero
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    I’ve got some Vittoria Terreno Dry’s in 29*2.1″ flavour on my ti rigid hardtail xc/gravel/camping bike. Dunno if they come wider than that, but they are excellent for that bike. You can get G-Ones in 29*2.35…

    Premier Icon trailwagger
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    Teravail Sparwood 29*2.2 version of the cannonball.

    Premier Icon monkeyboyjc
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    +1 for Vittoria Terreno Dry’s – great tyre (when I had a bike that fitted them).

    Premier Icon 13thfloormonk
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    +2 for Terreno Drys, closed the gap between my 29er hardtail and dedicated gravel bike considerably.

    The 2.1″ measure 53mm on my 20mm rims, does that suggest they’ll be too narrow for 50mm rims? Maybe see if there’s a bigger size?

    Premier Icon Northwind
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    Rockrazor? Or Thunder Burt?

    Premier Icon cobrakai
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    Terreno here as well. I’ve ridden 1500 mixed miles and still look new(ish).

    Used for dry South downs way and roll very fast on road for commuting duties. Would highly recommend.

    Had one thorn puncture which required a plug but no other issues.

    Premier Icon IvanMTB
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    Looks like dilemma sorted itself somehow 🙂 My co-worker heard me talking about it and will be donating 2, almost new WTB Weirwolves LT to my build.
    Happy days, got very fond memories of that tyre.


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