Fat enlightenment needed….. tyres ?

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  • Fat enlightenment needed….. tyres ?
  • Candodavid

    I have my wheels now built, marge lites, on hope.
    I do need to find out what tyre will be best for general trail riding, husker du are looking favourable, look nice an rollable.
    I need the the fat massif to enlighten me sum what please


    HuDus – lovely but expensive.

    Look at the On One Floaters?

    Premier Icon pop larkin

    Ultralight Nate every time

    Premier Icon JoeG

    On-One Floaters are great trail tires. And they’re 1/2 the price of the HuDus or Nates. Soon will be available in dayglo colors. 🙄

    Nates for the ultimate in traction. Draggy, though.

    HuDu will roll faster, they wear quickly from what I’ve read as well.

    Premier Icon singlespeedstu

    Nate front Hu Du rear work well in any conditions.
    Good steering grip on the front and fast rolling with not bad grip on the rear.
    You might also want to consider a Bud up front if your fork has room.


    I’d go Hu Du out back with Bud up front. I’m away for a week, but I’ve got em all if you want to try before you buy 🙂


    i use huskers in summer, good but expensive, try some knards instead, or larrys

    and yes, you will NEED nates for winter to get the best all weather use from a fat bike

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    I’ve gone with Ultralite Nates front and back.

    I’ve not used them yet as they are for the Puffin but canvassed the like of Tim, Charlie & JRA etc for their views.

    For me I cannot see actual snow/sand riding making up a lot of my riding time so went with the jack of all trades.

    Plan in in time to see how I get on and perhaps go with a BFL up front and keep a Nate out back.

    That said the Knards look like massive SB8s and so should make an awesome summer tyre for the back.

    I’ve not helped have I …… 😡 😳


    Nate ultralight or bud up front..nate or hu du rear. Floaters are pretty cack and have a tendency to fk off sideways in deep off camber muddy and rooty stuff regardless of pressure ( beleive me I tried many times to like em)

    Knards are good summer rubber, but to be honest ul nates are such good al rounders I cant be arsed changing them.

    If you bimble and plan to meander around rather than riding hard and techy stuff then floaters or larrys will be boss

    Premier Icon Teetosugars

    Nates, and in the summer, Big Fat Larry’s..

    I had no trouble bimbling down Jacob’s Ladder on Floaters. But yes, they do go “drifty” in deep mud 🙂

    Premier Icon swavis

    Knard on the rear for summer, Nate or Floaters for the rest of the time. Although if I had to pick a tyre to keep on year round it would be the Nates.


    I’m running 27tpi Nates, as the only FB tyre I’ve ever ridden, I’ve been pleasantly surprised at how non-draggy they feel to me. I assumed I’d be swapping them fairly quickly when I got the bike, but I’m struggling to justify it TBH. I mainly side woodland singletrack.

    FWIW I run a Hans Dampf/RQ combo on the Soul and Ardent/Race King on my 29er.

    money no object …Nates no question …But …you can get 2 Floaters for 1 Nate…..Nates wear fairly quick as well


    I’d still rate the HuDu as a better “all conditions” tyre than the Nate, but then they aren’t cheap. I used Nates all last Winter, including some fairly lengthy rides, and just got used to them but the HuDu is a much faster-rolling option.

    I’m actually thinking of trying the Nate/HuDu mix as advised above for a while to see if it works out well (and saves some wear of the HuDus)

    I’m going for a Bud front Nate rear next time ….and keep off the tarmac as much as poss


    fastest in dry- larry front and back
    grippiest in big mud-Nates front and back
    best all round -HuDu front and back
    sand- larry Front and back
    I run my Franken fat tubeless,don’t want to swap tyres more than twice a year,so Nate front,HuDu back, works well enough in everything.

    these are all from my own experience.

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