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  • waihiboy

    havent read most of the above but ive done the following and it seems to be dropping off ..

    cut bread totally from my diet (easier said than done)

    crisps only on the weekend

    alcohol only on weekends, no beer just turn to vodka (less calories)if you need a drink!

    cut out red meat and just east chicken and fish

    salad with everything

    its bloody hard!!!


    In relation to the cutting bread thing, is that just bread or spuds etc as well? Because if one is exercising then having carbs in your diet is fairly important no?*

    *Just to state no shonkyness intended, just curiosity from one who is currently exercising/dieting at the mo.

    In relation to the OP. Food diary is where it is at, they really do help and make you realise all the little snacks you may have but forget about when thinking about your usual calorific intake. Personally i use Cron-o-meter as its easy to use, free and multiplatform.


    Without sounding too simplistick, loosing weight is as easy or as hard as calories in X, calories out y. If x is smaller than Y you will loose weight. The exercise bit helps to stop you loosing the weight from Muscle as you body will break that down before fat unless it being used. As has been said already if you are commuting 5 miles you’ll be using up say 200calories. typical energy bars are around 350calories. So no loss.

    Premier Icon Del

    I have a 6, 13, and 15 year old. We buy in the biscuits, sweets and crisps for them

    won’t do them any more good than it’s doing you


    why do people buy biscuits, crisps and sweets ?

    ok, I eat the odd slice of carrot cake and the odd energy bar/gel but that’s about once a week… crisps, biscuits & sweets are just pointless. crisps don’t even taste nice, eat some fruit ffs.

    Premier Icon D0NK

    Agreed crisps and boiled sweets are just manufactured shite with flavours added to fire off certain taste receptors that make people think it’s nice. Don’t buy them!

    But the better class cakes and (some) biscuits are finely crafted genius, sheer baking brilliance and should be celebrated. Post ride refuel does not get much better than gallons of tea and a moist fruit cake. Mmmmmmmm

    OH but this is a weightloss thread, ahem, nothing to see here, move along, step away from the cake aisle!


    Personally i love biscuits, crisps and sweets.

    Absolutely love em!

    But it is for this reason i do not have them as i would just pig out. I am an all or nothing kinda person.

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