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  • roblerner

    only eat whem really hungry

    I would say only eating when hungry is fairly obvious, and sticking to low fat foods can’t hurt.

    Your 5 mile commute will be burning less than 200 calories, so don’t allow yourself too much because of that!


    Sorry to say this, but 5 miles each way (and assuming that one way is easy as the other is hard) ain’t really gonna burn up much energy. No way you should be eating “extra” to make up for it.

    Exercise just makes me hungry


    Ok so because of the commute I was eating in the works canteen at lunchtimes (stuff like casserole, curry, etc) rather than the sandwiches are usually take. Maybe this is a mistake!

    However I do get hungry when I ride and if I have not had a mid afternoon snack I get really hungry before the end of the five miles…also makes me terrible a self control when I get home if the wife has not got a dinner waiting 🙁


    eat smaller portions more often, 6 meals the size of a fist per day. Keeps your metabolism fast and means it doesn’t store fat in reserve. I’ve always eaten small portions regularly, at the moment i only eat when i’m hungry due to studying mostly.

    You obviously need to burn off what you already have, which is going to mean further cardio work to get your weight off, you can’t just diet alone.


    Riding 5 miles is going to burn carbohydrates exclusivly, the time taken just wont be long enough to burn anything substantial.

    I wouldn’t eat anything extra for riding that kind of distance, just eat a normal healthy diet.


    I have been trying to lose weight through cycling and dietary control but remain unsuccessful…

    I am 84kg (13st 8lbs) on a 5′ 10″ frame so I reckon about 1.5 stone or 10kg over weight.

    For guys they say that the waist line measurement is critical and I am the wrong side of 34″ waist. I have been as high as 36″ but want to (and have been) slim as 32″.

    I cycle (commute) to work which is 5 miles each way although the back journey is mostly uphill and hard work.

    I tend to eat more when I cycle and ‘fuel up’ on bananas, energy bars, etc. I also ‘allow’ myself the odd biscuit and cake because I am doing the exercise!

    I read widely and I read about ‘recovery’ meals 20 minutes are exercise so attempt to meet the advice. Should I just do starvation rides and only eat whem really hungry and try to eat low fat food?

    Last point – what about all those solutions, powders, power bars and gels; how to use those in the light of the above?

    Premier Icon Capt. Kronos

    If you are eating 2 “main meals” a day you have no chance!

    I don’t see your mileage as a problem – few years back now I lost bucket loads by riding about 10 – 12 miles a day (although mine was mostly in one solid lump either on the way in or out of work… but that should make no difference). On top of that I went for a low fat/high fibre type dietry regime. The fibre just bulks everything up and stops you getting hungry so quick.

    Make your own sarnies to take in with you – shop bought ones are terrible (both in taste and in content!). If you get the munchies mid afternoon perhaps try an apple or something. Drink loads of water too – get hungry, drink a pint of the stuff. Fills you up a bit and can mitigate the hunger.

    Need to get myself back into this type of thing myself! Want to shift a couple of stone and 4+ inches off the waist line… again….

    Premier Icon nickc

    Being hungry isn’t going to kill you, if you want to lose the weight, I’d get used to that feeling if I were you. Have a decent brekkie, maybe a sandwich and a yogurt for lunch, and a light meal for tea. No booze. You’ll need to do more than the 50 miles a week you’re currently doing though, so get out whilst the nights are light, and either run, or cycle Weight will fall off.

    Not so much advice but just after Christmas (so including Christmas excesses) I was 13st 9. Am also 5 foot 10 (or at least was for years, then last time the doc measured me he said 5 foot 11 so might go for that now) but through avoiding biscuits most of the time and trying to avoid a school dinner and a full meal at home, but without commuting (yet) I was 12st 6 last weeks weigh for fat club.
    Some motivation (like fat club) to drop the odd biscuit and treat (big glass of water fills me up now) and some fruit around for treats made a big difference for me. Might do for you too?


    Guess i’ve miss calculated.

    Just quit the gym as i figured a 10 miles commute (both ways) 4 days a week would be enough exercise to keep the weight off.

    Sound from this that it won’t

    I have managed to lose nearly 2 stone in 48 weeks. 17 stone 10 down to 16 stone 1.

    I was made redundant which meant I had more time to ride and less time is hotels/restaurants. I haven’t really changed my diet other than less restaurant meals.

    I think most weight loss was because I was quite overweight to begin with. 1 stone disappeared through lack of restaurants.

    The next bit disappeared because I was riding 50-60 miles a week instead of 10-20 miles.

    For the past 2 weeks the weight has stabilised. at about 16 stone 1 or 2. Keep hoping to see a 15 on the scales but I guess that will take a reduction in beer content and some proper dieting.

    I think you are struggling because you had less weight to lose and were probably fitter.

    Breakfast of an Emperor, Lunch of a Merchant and dinner of a pauper helps apparently.


    the secret for me was just cutting out all the shit i was eating, i’m 5’10” too and used to weigh 14st, too much drinking, take-aways and snacking on crap through the day at work, it all pretty much dropped off when i decided to stop eating all that, I also started getting back into biking just at the weekends at that time. I now hover around 12 stone, cycle to work fairly regularly and try not to eat too much crap, I think the cycling allows you to eat some crap without gaining weight but if your trying to loose weight you should stay away from the junk. That probably all sounds a bit obvious.

    Oh, my excuse for weight gain was 18 week in cast on my ankle followed by 6 months unable to ride, walk far or do much other than open a beer. 3 stone gain in 8 months.


    Meh. There’s too much focus on weight here – and not enough on fitness (5’7″ and 12st)


    😯 impressive WCA

    Premier Icon jam bo

    Meh. There’s too much focus on weight here – and not enough on fitness (5’7″ and 12st)

    or buffness.

    5’10’ and 14st here. could lose a couple of lbs if i really wanted to but i’m happy…at some of these target weights i’d be skinny runt.


    A lot of it is about metabolism as well, eating regularly (breakfast, lunch, dinner, etc.). Ive got fairly high metabolism, so I’ve had struggles in the past to put weight on, and I have to eat fairly regularly. But also, its so much easier to put calories in then it is to get them out.

    I rode 50 miles yesterday, and 35 today. However, yesterday my diet consisted of 1 bowl of porridge, 3 energy bars, chocolate cake, 2 waffles and chocolate spread, 3 doughnuts, bbq food (2 burgers, 2 sausages, chicken, salad, potatoes, etc.), 4 glasses of orange juice, 3 glasses of wine, 1 beer. And that was just yesterday..


    think you better lay off food for the rest of the week RealMan 😀


    my metabolism is madly fast, i have days when i harldy feel hungry and days where i cant stop eating. my weight fluctuates between 10st and 10st 5 ish (im 5ft 11) depending how much rubbish course work i have to do

    rs – impressive 3 stone weight gain or 2 stone weight loss?

    Premier Icon Capt. Kronos

    Pah – mine is slow 🙁 Bastards the lot of ya!

    I eat the same as a normal size person, though I do seem to benefit from exercise a LOT more than most people… currently weigh somewhere north of 19 stone, want to get down to 17.5 if I can, though back when I lost a lot of weight I managed 17 stone 10 at best (6’3″ and built like an outhouse). Given that my work is now more manual and involves lifting heavy stuff all day I am guessing that the reality may be reaching 18 stone or so….

    The way I look at it – if I can get down to a 36″ waist (measured as opposed to jeans size) I will be happy enough. Really want to gain fitness (and that buffness factor!) rather than lose weight per se. Just an easy way to measure change 😉

    Still, got a bit more stress to see through yet (moving house and some other stuff) then hopefully I can get down to doing something productive on these things.


    😆 WCA, both i guess but i really meant the weight gain 😆 Well done getting shot of it though.


    I recently joined the ranks of the diabetics, lost a stone in 5 weeks by cutting out cake, biscuits and chocolate. God I miss chocolate…but I feel so much better.

    RobS – Sound similar to me except I don’t do physical stuff. Slightly smaller meals and cut down/out the booze should do it. Nothing too extreme as little changes are more sustainable than stupid weightloss plans.

    Physical work suggests you will get less benefit from exercise and more from diet. As opposed to me where exercise is what I lacked.


    Food for thought. All this talk is making me hungry… must resist.

    lost a stone in 5 weeks by cutting out cake, biscuits and chocolate.

    er, “death, where is thy sting ?” :o)

    Premier Icon Capt. Kronos

    WCA – it’s more lifting than anything else. I think I need to get some cardio in there too, but yep – the diet whilst not bad could be better! Once I get settled the plan is to try and start getting out on the bike a lot more 🙂


    another mesomorph here – short and fat if not careful just put some weight back on and put that down entirely to having biscuits available!

    what works for me is
    eating breakfast
    eat fruit for mid morning snack and when feel hungry
    avoid biscuits/crackers/crisps/pitta bread/popadoms
    drink lots of water – helps push up metabolic rate
    less beer (actually easy cos drink far too much)

    as to 4x5mile each way commute – yes it must be a sound basis and beats the hell out of the real fat, fat peeps (just been to the park) but need to add a few miles on way home a couple of nights per week really you need 40 mins plus before any impact on fat burning or moving up metabolic rate add some swimming? or a regular gym class – maybe one you could cyle to on way home or for me running really works

    as to the wife having dinner ready when you get home – now that is an old old joke and yes if you are good at the table you will burn calories and hopefully for her tone up those ab’s

    Cant say ive had weight problems. I know it sounds a bit airy fairy but most diet weight loss plans ignore anything than the physical problems of over-eating. So some non-diet related advice would be to increase enjoyment in non-eating related activities, such as cycling, dealing with the reasons why you might be overeating rather than focusing on the over eating will help sort things in the long term.

    Some eating/riding advice, there is no gain in not eating while cycling, i dont think its possible to eat too much while actually riding as you will probably fall off or feel sick, however if you dont eat you will slow down and burn calories at a lower rate.

    i found cutting out one thing at a time helps, ohh and if theres a choice go for a big lunch and small dinner, but dont get it from the cnteen as youve no idea how mouch fat went into it.

    first up, escess salt,
    then fat, no more frying, and all meat is trimmed/drained
    then sweets or chocolate
    then chocolate or sweets

    5 miles is plenty, i noticed a difference with 2! Just dont compenate and eat more food.
    Bannana when you wake up, then ride in,
    small cereal bowl at desk,
    apple and cup of tea mid morning,
    soup for lunch,
    pint of skimmed milk mid afternoon,
    some more fruit before you ride home,
    Small evening meal, eg with spag bol, go for a full portion of sauce (lots of vitmains, protein etc) but halve the pasta.

    Maybe go to the gym on the way home from work so dinner’s ready when you get back? The concept 2 website has a training guide for the rowers that realy does work (lets face it no one seems to go for more than 2000m, when realisicly anythign less than 5x that isn’t realy a workout)


    BTW if you’re thinking of taking Alli, where brown pants and carry a spare change of clothes, the side effects sound pretty bad!!


    Berst I’ve done is 28kg in 3 months but didn’t have the stresses of work etc. Ate bugger all and rode 20 miles daily min. Not everyone has the opportunity-I don’t now :O(

    Try riding slower-burn fat and ot your glycogen-making you hungry.

    Prep your own lunch-tuna, fish, chicken-make it yourself.

    Keep a diary. Training and diet.

    Even though I lost loads I put it back on over 3 months! working 7 days a week-no excuse-neglect.

    I was 98kg in May and now 92kg with 12kg to go-it is hard work but stick with it-have a goal etc. I plan to be 88kg by July-kg per week.
    I’m 6ft 1 and classed as overweight on bmi. Need to be 84kg min. 78kg is my target but I’m not small build.

    Ever thought of summerising your daily intake in grams and kcal-tedius for some buy it might shock you how much extra energy you were consuming.

    I looked at my diet and I was stationary and taking in 3000 kcal! back down to 16-1800kcal and doing 30+ mile fast endurance rides 3 times a week plus my commute of 12miles round trip which I do slowly.

    It will be 3 months before I am happy and 12 months before I am race fit.

    Just don’t give up, be realistic and patient. Once it’s all off-keep it off!

    If I can do it anyone can. I find the hell of a steep hill that grinds your teeth causes pain-blame that pain on fatty foods! and you’ll never touch the fatty foods again.

    Eat more protein-feel full. Fruit is great but don’t aeat 5 apples-just 1.

    Look up low GI foods that keep you full longer-rolled oats porridge. Luckily some diet foods taste great!

    You’re riding fat and using up energy only for your body to replace it with more. Try riding slower-engage fat burn-use up 150 kcal on your ride not 200. But you won’t feel like consuming anything.

    You need to add mileage and do some weights at home etc.

    Good luck and don’t give up. 😀

    Drink plenty of water too. 1.5 litre spread out over the day.

    You’re not alone but don’t join the give up club!

    You can do it!

    Premier Icon D0NK

    Hmm riding slower in the fat burning zone only really works for decent length rides doesn’t it? If your only doing 5miles each way just blast it and get a decent CV workout. Do longer rides at night or weekends. If you cant spare the time for that much riding do runs instead. Chuck in any other exercise you can, sit ups and press ups need no equipment and you can do anytime.
    Other than that sort out your diet
    While your trying to lose weight
    No biscuits/cakes EVER
    No Alchohol AT ALL
    No fried food, grill all meat and stick to chicken/fish.
    No cheese
    Only have semi or skimmed milk
    Cut out most if not all calorific drinks (coke, tea, coffee etc)
    Drink lots of water, helps make you feel full and you burn calories easier.
    Go hungry, it won’t kill you, don’t starve yourself but give yourselve a normal portion (which may not be what you think is normal) then don’t go back for seconds.
    Now me I’m a glutton, I eat like a pig but I do enough excercise to keep weight off, 100miles+ per week – thats just to keep from gaining weight not losing weight – but I used the above a few years ago to lose 2 stone and do similar after christmas/holidays where I’ve eaten loads but not been able to excercise.

    It’s hard work but it’s mainly mental, get your head sorted and the rest isnt that bad especially if your chosen method of exercise is fun (mountain biking) and it’s well worth it.


    Riding slower will lead him not scoff when gets to work and add more on.

    But for fat burning-yep you’re right Donk, he’ll need to do more mileage or at least 1hr of styeady riding which he might not have time for.

    Throw tv in the bin? 😀


    wishing to avoid just listing my current eating/exercise habits…..

    i have read that you should/could eat breakfast after the commute to work – something about burning fat instead of the carbs from the cereal.

    is that really likely?
    if i throw a bowl of museli down my neck two minutes before jumping on the bike, surely my body cannot release the energy quickly enough to be of use (6mile commute – 20mins)



    if i throw a bowl of museli down my neck two minutes before jumping on the bike, surely my body cannot release the energy quickly enough to be of use (6mile commute – 20mins)

    The sugar will metabolise in that time giving you a bit of a boost.

    If I go for a swim in the morning I scoff an energy gel before getting in the pool as brekkie is a no no before swimming. The gel works a treat.



    Thanks for all the comments guys…really helpful.

    The thing that does not help is the kids. I have a 6, 13, and 15 year old. We buy in the biscuits, sweets and crisps for them but they are around and a temptation for me. I know more will power less gluteny!

    I can extend the commute on the way home and normally do to about 10 miles.

    Thanks for your comments Donk…I have cut back on alcohol and was thinking of going veggie! I do however it loads of cheese and do eat biscuits/cake regularly.

    I do need to focus on longer rides and now that the lighter evenings and better weather is here I do have more opportunity

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