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  • Fat Burners – do they work?
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    I have never seen a fat amphetamines abuser.


    I looked at these for a while, then I looked at the ingredients and looked into their benefits.

    Most of them have:

    Omega 3 (or 3-6-9)
    green tea
    some form of pepper

    So I started taking omega 3-6-9 tablets and eating more oily fish + ground flax on my porridge

    Drinking more black strong coffee in the mornings (which suppresses my appetite until lunchtime)

    drinking green tea in the afternoon and taking green tea extract tablets in the morning – more caffeine)

    and I always have a lot of pepper.

    Also been taking whey protein isolate after weight training.

    Lost a couple of lbs last week, and have steadily lost 1 stone since January, but I am weight training & running 2/3 times a week, karate twice a week, & cycling 8 miles a day. I have almost doubled my bench press and squats in 2 weeks too, so working for me so far.


    the old tried and test formula worked for me, I lost almost 4 stone, exercise more eat less! and you’ll loose weight or as the marketing buffs say, burn fat!

    save your money and put it into cycling clothing or bike bits!


    Ditto organic355 & drapper

    The answer to fat loss is a lifestyle change, i.e. diet and exercise.

    ‘Fat burn’ pills might work (don’t believe/trust the hype personally) but you’re paying an absolute fortune for them, plus once you’ve completed the course of pills you’ve still got to make lifestyle changes to maintain your weight … otherwise you’ll just get fat again … so why not just do this in the first place … i.e. refer to my earlier comment – “lifestyle change, i.e. diet and exercise”


    Yes they do work.

    So do other regimes like ECA stacks.

    As drapper says you can lose fat without using them.

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    Some work, though the side effects are pretty nasty. Most you can buy will be little more than caffeine pills with other bits as mentioned above. The potent stuff tends to be pretty nasty combinations of things like clenbuterol, Bromocriptine, Cytomel T3 etc.


    Start each morning on an Ephedrine Espresso 🙂


    I tried allot of them pills in the past and the had some fat burning effects, but I found it hard to sleep and rest with the amount of caffeine running around in my system! never mind the palpitations and increased anxiety they give!

    Is there any evidence that “fat burners” like that below actually work? See loads of them around. I love a placebo as much as the next man, but I’d rather not be popping pills if there’s no point to it.


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    I find those SIS Burner gels quite good for longer rides; 6-7 hours or longer. I don’t use them for weight loss though per se more for the help to metabolise fat for energy and normally I wouldn’t have any more than 2 in that period of time mixed with other “proper” food. When I say 6-7 hours I mean 6-7 hours actual riding, not 3 hours riding and 3 hours talking shit with your mates and eating flapjacks. 😛


    There are natural foods, such as blueberries, that can increase fat burning. I’d personally just stick to natural stuff

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