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    Big boys are faster downhill FACT

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    We’ll be up at GT at the end of april, ur very welcome to ride with us, no egos or comments, just riding and having fun


    I just love seeing the looks on the skinny arse guys faces as I breeze past the majority of them. Put the miles in lad and reap the rewards.


    Spotted a young lady a few years back doing a regional race series. She was not what you might call a racer – in saying that though, the overwhelming consensus was ” good for you kid”. So as everyone else on here has said, sod what anyone else thinks – you’re makin the effort not them, and in pretty short order you’ll wonder what all the fuss was about in the first place. Good luck mate!

    Haven’t read all of the above but what I did read all seemed really encouraging (I hope all of it was).

    For me, mountain biking is the best sport in the world to lose weight – going to the gym feels like a chore………grrr, gym tonight.

    Riding = Taking the piss out of mates, talking crap (bikes, the girl at work that I definitely would, how footballers are tossers, etc), forgetting about work/life/shit, scaring myself a bit, and then having a well earned pint/cake afterwards. But NEVER grrr…..probably because you’re either pushing yourself to get to the top of the hill, buzzing your tits off flying down the hill or doing one of the above in between.

    Just get out and ride mate, **** what people think, if you’re NW based feel free to google the Woollybacks – we’ve people of all abilities. Like most clubs/mates – when we start to take the piss you’ll know you’ve been accepted.

    Best of luck fella!

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    Anyone suggest some trails in the central belt that won’t be too killer on the climbs?
    Any ideas appreciated.

    Premier Icon scotroutes

    Chris – have you ridden anything in the Pentlands? They are pretty dry at the moment (although we’ll see what this weekend brings). There’s nowhere you “need” full-sus but lots of folk take one anyway (especially if it’s their only bike, eh?). There are a couple of hard climbs but you can make a decent loop by avoiding these and still have a good ride out.

    I can send you some ideas or would be happy to meet up and show you around a bit if you want.


    Chris not sure what weight you want to be and its largely irrelevant. You want to be fitter and healthier and lose some beef. I am doing the same after a few false starts.

    6 months time the end of summer you will be fitter and healthier and slimmer but anyone who does laugh at you etc will still be a twunt.

    Get out and ride you will love it and feel all the better. Your confidence and everything will improve.


    I’ll second what scotroutes said – the Pentlands are riding really well at the moment. Climbs can all be pushed if necessary, and there is enough up there to get anything from an hour to a full day’s riding in.

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    “6 months time the end of summer you will be fitter and healthier and slimmer but anyone who does laugh at you etc will still be a twunt.”

    So perfectly put.


    Fat? Some people dont know they’re born…. *sigh* you should try being fugly. At least you guys will pedal the weight off 😉


    I’m a right grumpy sod, who picks up on, and takes the piss out of anything and everything. Believe me, nothing escapes my mirth.

    but, whenever I say an overweight chap or woman on a bike, I always, without fail think “good on them”

    so, in other words, don’t worry about it mate, get out and do it, you’ll have a blast!

    It’s been said before but;

    1. Nice bike
    2. Don’t think about it just do it
    3. Be proud of the fact that you can buy a 3k Bike.
    4. Be happy that you’re able to be active and not physically challenged.
    5. Make it a challenge to break the frame as you’ve got a blumming good warranty on it anyway. Haha

    Like you I’m having worries and confident issues atm but if you don’t think about things too much then you’ll be happier..

    Premier Icon cookeaa

    Get out and Ride, Cycling in general is a social sport, anyone who approaches it with an anti-social mindset and seeks to belittle others for their physique or ability doesn’t belong IMO…

    I’d happily go for a ride with you(Reading/Berks way), Sure I weigh a bit less but all my kit/bikes are cheap and old so feel free to mock that if you like, but DO get out riding…

    You’re headed on the right path, you’ve got a bike and a goal, I’m sure you’ll plenty of support from other MTBers…

    Best of Luck, and let us know how you get on.

    Premier Icon cookeaa

    Oh and when you’ve (inevitably) caught the bug for it again, and lost some weight in 6 months time, go and buy a cheap 2nd bike,a Single speed or just some old nag of a hardtail, it’ll save your posh bike from the ravages of winter, and keeep you riding through the wetter/cold months to maintain that weight loss…


    it doesnt matter how big you are so long as you’re enjoying yourself on the bike….
    its a nice bike and is more than capable of handling your body mass so long as the shock and fork are set up properly…
    being a returning biker you’ll probably find that everything will start to come back to you once you’ve spent some time in the saddle…
    i’m a similar height and after a 2 year break from riding my weight went up from 9.5st to 14st …i’ve been back on the bike for over a year and am now down to 11st…so it can work…
    as everyone has said find some riding buddies you can ride with and go out and enjoy!!


    Anyone suggest some trails in the central belt that won’t be too killer on the climbs?

    Blairadam, near Kelty?

    Premier Icon richmtb

    Anyone suggest some trails in the central belt that won’t be too killer on the climbs?
    Any ideas appreciated.

    Where about in the Central belt are you.

    Carron Valley is okay and the climbs are pretty easy

    Cathkin Braes next to Glasgow is a good wee loop with a bit of everything and again the climbs aren’t too long.

    Lots of natural stuff in the Trossachs too.

    And as loads of other have said just get out there and enjoy it


    Its something you want to do, live your life and enjoy it mate. Not read all the thread but I put 2 stone on in a year and I wasn’t small anyway. After a few rides the wheezing will ease you will start feeling brilliant for just having gone out and done it. Also it will help massively for your self esteem, trust me I understand where you are at.

    Doing it, being out there and improving your speed, distance and cardio feels great.

    Go and get a sweat on, if something breaks you can upgrade, win win, and if you are married, GF etc she will be happy to let you keep the bike on the road with a healthier slimmer happier fitter man.


    At the end of Jan 2011 I was 19st 2.

    I rode to work every day and back via a different route totalling 15 miles.

    Over 6 months I lost 2 stone. Felt fitter, looked better all IMO of course.

    I then started to ride Llandegla, me an a mate would ride from Wrexham and complete the Black route. I always got funny looks due to my cheap GT bike at the Cafe. Come 10 miles in I was passing the “expensive bikes” when they were being walked up the hills.

    Sod what people think, people say, the main thing your doing something you enjoy and are getting fitter.

    Hell I even ride with a road club now to boost mates on climbs when am on a MTB!

    Keep it up, eat the right stuff, drink well and most of all have fun doing it.


    Chris, if you’re wanting some company then give me a shout, I’m a similar size and have learned not to give a sh1t what people thing. To the extent that I rock up to our club road rides in Lycra!

    I’m based near Stirling, happy to show you what I know of the Central Scotland trails.

    Ps and I’ll be jealous of your Orange 5

    Premier Icon martymac

    i was 23 stone (now 21.5) and i would ride a five without a second thought about breaking it.
    i was out on my road bike last year (when i was 23 stone) got talking to a couple of chavy looking guys in a white van, they were really encouraging to me, its probably true that your harshest critic is yourself.
    go ride, bollocks to what anyone else thinks.

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