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  • Fat Bike Stolen Nottingham (not mine)
  • Premier Icon wwaswas

    saw this on Facebook;

    Stolen in the night..

    My new 907 fat bike
    Keep your eyes open guys
    Orange bike..gold hope hubs on marge lites
    SLX kit…
    Also my single speed trek 69er
    Fox fork model
    And also my trek top fuel 69er
    Possibly targeted through facebook or followed from trail center.
    All my other bikes are un touched.


    must be a fairly small market for Trek 69’s and fat bikes.


    These bikes are still missing & are fairly unique, if you see them out on the trail or advertised anywhere please message me & I’ll the info on to my mate who had them nicked. The 9zero7 is only a week old 😥

    Thanks for your help & spread the word.

    Premier Icon rOcKeTdOg

    what is it with 69ers. i had my trek travis brown 69er nicked and they left two other HT’s behind, it was SS and had rigid forks

    hope you have a happy out come

    Premier Icon Sideways Tim

    Bastards. That bike was just days old 🙁

    Premier Icon rOcKeTdOg

    thats bad, IM in Nottm, and will keep an eye out, and can spot a fat bike from a mile off


    Possibly targeted through facebook or followed from trail center.
    All my other bikes are un touched


    So come and get them?
    Hope bikes are all recovered and the thieving scum caught, but why the need to advertise the fact there’s more from where the others came from?


    Sorry to hear that dude.

    I am in Derby so not far from notts. If you dont mind me asking how were they kept?

    The reason i ask is you hear a lot about bikes getting stolen but it would be really useful for others to know what security was busted to get at them.

    I have gone to some lengths to protect my bikes… Alarmed, Wall anchor points, big chains, CCTV, but always wonder how protected they really are!



    As I understand it the bikes were chained up & in a locked garage. If they want them they will get them.
    Got stopped by a car load of dodgy scum myself on Sunday when out on my Fatty. 1st question was is it expensive, second where did I come from ! Yeah right.

    By the way we are still looking for Deans bikes the most obvious being that 9zero7 in the photo, as Shaw Taylor would say ‘Keep ’em peeled’

    Cheers 😉

    Premier Icon Dean69er

    Thanks guys…only just spotted this.
    no sign of bikes at the moment.
    as Beerbiker says bikes were double locked to a ground anchor in a locked garage.
    by “other bikes” i meant an old hack and some tatty kids bikes.

    be careful with your bikes…there’s some right f**kers out there.


    What area of Nottm?


    Shed or garage? Kept in a shed or garage?

    One day bicycle insurance will be crazy expensive.

Viewing 12 posts - 1 through 12 (of 12 total)

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