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  • catnash

    Going to sell my Enduro SL frame+Fork, ordered a Stumpie fsr. Perfect for Brechfa. Up-down across. The Stumpie will have a hard act to follow.

    Premier Icon gothandy

    Not sure if Cwmcarn is the kind of trial you like, it is certainly smooth twisty jumpy bermy single track in places at least.

    Fastest time I’ve done that (2 laps) is 55 mins each, and to me at least that felt ****ing fast.

    That’s on a tallboy.


    Trek Top Fuel 9.8 here and it is very fast and having ridden it at trail centres it is more than capable on most stuff and bloody fast in a lot of places a longer travel bike isn’t

    Morewood Zula. It’s apparently rather good 😀

    Premier Icon njee20

    Specialized Epic, Scott Spark, Trek Fuel (whatever their XC race one is called), Giant Anthem etc
    You want a proper XC race FS. Although all the above are marketed as that they’re all very capable all-round trail/enduro bikes as well.


    The new Epic Evo looks good, although it’s more expensive than the Comp Carbon, I reckon I’d get the carbon frame one and fit a 120mm fork if you wanted something like that.

    Sparks come with 120mm forks, so are a bit slacker, although I’ve found my Top Fuel much more fun as a trail bike than any of the 3 Epics that preceded it despite still only having 100mm forks. In fact, I’ll be selling it in a couple of weeks if you want a 10 month old 21lb FS bike!


    Anthem X. There’s nowt else like it.

    Mine’s down at 23lbs and I’ve only got carbon bars.

    Officially it’s my race bike but I think I’ve used it more this summer than my other bikes and I only raced once…


    Anthem frame sounds good – Is it the same frame across the range ?? I.E. if I picked up a used X4 on e-bay , is that the same frame as on a X1 ?? ,
    Coz if it is thats a good platform to start upgrading.

    Same frame from X1 to X4 – just the shock that differs. I bought a nearly new X4 back in March and switched my XT stuff onto it and my Stans Olympic wheelset. Managed to pick up a bargain Fox Float RPL to replace the Float R shock and that completed the bike for me.

    It’s a superb bike which seems capable at most things XC and trail.

    I’ve 6″ FS bike which never gets used as the Anthem X is just so good.

    Premier Icon njee20

    A friend of mine has an Anthem Advanced SL 0, and he says that’s a brilliant trail bike, but not the best thing he’s raced, so even the standard Anthem has to be worth a look.


    i say go for a hard tail .Ive got a intense 5.5 and love that for rough stuff but way too much travel for singletrack etc.I bought a carbon trek 9.7 and thats great and fast as hell on that kind of stuff.Right going to get my gear on and ride upto Gisburn forest cya!


    The perfect singlrtrack rocket = cotic soul

    Close, but no cigar. The pefect singletrack rocket = Cotic Soda


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