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  • Premier Icon tricky dicky

    Whats the best all round fast rolling tubeless 26 inch tyre that you guys are using at present.Max budget of £30 per tyre desired. Mud clearance is not essential for the areas I ride.

    Spesh purgatory, tubeless ready. Winner.

    Premier Icon colournoise

    Depending on the surface you’re riding, a Spesh The Captain might be a better bet if you want fast rolling with all a bit of grip.


    Another Spesh…. Ground Control 2Bliss

    Premier Icon oxym0r0n

    No spesh boycott on this thread then 😉

    Premier Icon Northwind

    Fast rolling is all relevant, you could fit some fast traks and go very fast, until the first wet bit when you’ll stop quite abruptly. What sort of conditions?


    Onza Canis 2.25 is a good bet – made by Maxxis, great sidewalls and good grip, very fast as a rear tyre. Couple with an Ibex up front for grip.

    Premier Icon krixmeister

    Kenda Small Block 8 is my answer to any “what tire…” question for XC riders, except “what tire for very sticky/muddy conditions”.


    Kenda Small Block 8

    or Kenda Slant 6 not bad and has a little more grip than the 8

    For hardpack gravel with a smattering of dust and sand the default choice in these parts is the Maxxis Crossmark – so much so it seems to be the only tyre kept in stock by the local bike shop.

    The dissenters seem to like Kenda Small Blocks.

    Premier Icon Hanky

    Another vote for Maxxis Crossmark in dusty climes, easy to fit on Mavic UST rims too.

    Premier Icon tricky dicky

    I’m mainly riding Gisburn at the moment,trail conditions, even when wet seem ok, I’ve not ridden through too much mud , there are a lot of fireroads etc they are on a hardtail with Arch EX rims

    Premier Icon njee20

    Furious Fred, no messing around!

Viewing 13 posts - 1 through 13 (of 13 total)

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