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  • Farewell Singletrack Magazine – I won't be buying again (Goodbye content!)
  • atlaz

    Really I'm not getting why there's so much vitriol poured on people in this thread. Opinions are fine, it wasn't rudely put nor personally insulting to the STW guys so I'm at a loss to undertand why it's got so ugly.

    It's a boring mag for boring SS 29er riding bores who love to bore poeple with facts about how the SS 29er scene is where it's at and how the new developments in steel frames have revolutionised the cycling industry.
    But somehow the wesite and forum seems to have evolved into a hive of activity surrounding the latest news and burning topics in the MTB universe.
    Q. "What tyres should I use for a trip to the shops?"
    A. Round black ones.

    you folk are like the doleys us workers – subscribers- support.

    the internet is founded on free stuff, on non-monetisation, which is highly democratic as lacking money doesn't deny access. I see value in STW, so I support it with a subscription, but I have no problem with others not doing the same. Share and enjoy :o)


    TBH, I have allways seen it as being a bit too much of an excersise in poetry rather than factual stuff.
    Maybe a few route guides thrown in would help.
    Having said that, it is so long since I bought it that things could well have changed.


    FWIW, the best series of articles Ive read in bike mag were MBR's weekends away. UK rides, where to stay, the decent pubs and curry houses. I think they reflected what people actually did. (well, me and my mates anyway)

    I have allways seen it as being a bit too much of an excersise in poetry rather than factual stuff.

    Hmm, Blake* or Byron* vs. Haynes manual writers? I know which I'd enjoy reading the most.

    *Yeah, i do realise that we're a long way from bike mags but i'm just going with the metaphor okay?

    I found the climbing article mercilessly dull, not as bad as the pedal cars one but there you go. There'll always be some noise and some signal. On the whole, all things considered, Mercury in retrograde, ST is the best of the bunch. And they don't have that much SS stuff anymore, that novelty tie containership sailed a while ago ;-p

    Singletrack "Brilliant Mag and a Brilliant forum" just needs much much more single speed stuff. I would be willing to write free stuff for Mr Chips and heh keep up the most excellent work. Next months top features.. "Single Speed Riders, a tale of gods on earth" and Single Speed Weekender",beer,racing,beer and a bit of cross dressing perhaps 8)

    Didn't this topic do the rounds last month?

    Found this months mag better than last months, didn't mind the climbing article (but I don't climb), the bike rack review was OK (as OK as bike rack review can be…..) and it was filled with the usual "editorial" type 2-4 page articles. Found it useful to read about 29'rs as they've devloped during a hiatus that I've had in mountain biking, so reading the whys & wherefores of 29'rs is useful for someone like me. DOn't think I'd ever buy one though!
    Still peeed me off that the magazine appears in the online archive before subscriber copies land on the door mat though, and it's the second month where there has been a local/urban type route article.

    Premier Icon BigJohn

    I haven't read the mag for a few months and I'm a bit out of touch.
    I'm really concerned because I don't know what width bars I need to be running at the moment.

    Premier Icon Paceman

    I liked this month's issue, particularly the Trail Tetris article. 😀


    Bah, I don't have my issue yet, but looking forward to reading the climbing article because I do, though at grade 4's.
    Someone mentioned the Man and Boy article – sums up Singletrack for me. Got a questionnaire thing through with MBR (?) I think this month asking me what my fave mag was and why. ST wins on photography (I'm so sick of seeing the same stock looking photos in MBUK), epic aspirations (pass storming) and it's not just about riding bikes. Or at least, I don't think it's just about riding bikes. It's about soul, and laughter, and post ride analysis down the pub, about inspiration (that girl who road across the US pinged something inside me), it's not just about the technicality though it's there, not just about the gear, though it's there…
    Oh I don't know. Love it to bits, there you go.

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