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  • Fantasy spec for an all day do anything type FS bike what would you have ?
  • si-wilson

    Five inch travel front and rear, around 28-30Lb ish, Fox Van 32 Forks, Hope hoops ran tubeless, full XT Group set, Thomson post and stem, Sunline bars. Good solid spec that wont cost the earth to spec.

    Just like my bike πŸ™‚

    Shame my shed got in the way!


    that's not a Thomson post… πŸ˜‰


    well spotted! That is it's hardcore spec, CCDB fitted too πŸ™‚

    Premier Icon shredder

    If you were able to spec and build for a all day do anything type of FS bike
    what would you have and why ?


    alpine 160 w/ccdb, coil lyrics or van 36 rc2's, full saint, hope pro2's on stans flows, 2.4 tires dual ply rear, burgtec pedals and bars, 50mm thomson stem, i beam seat and post, e13 lg1+.

    just cos ive got to ride it all day doesnt mean im going to take it easy on the downs! light and fast is all very good but it really frustrates me having to back off cos i might break stuff.


    Maybe something along the lines of:

    Nicolai Helius AFR, CCDB Ti spring, RS coil Totems or maybe the 170mm coil Lyriks, Profile Racing cranks, Saint brakes/shifters/mech, CK hubs/Spank Rims, Renthal Stem & bars + other quality finishing kit.

    That build is inspired by a friends bike, his comes in at around 35lbs with air Totems, but should be able to get that build around the same I would think.
    Not everyone's idea of a 'do everything' bike I know, but for me it would be pretty perfect. Might not be the best climbing bike, but would be damn good at coming back down! And just as happy on the UK trails as it would on DH uplift days or a week in the Alps.

    Edit: And like slowrider says – it's not going to break too easily!


    an AFR for all day riding? don't get me wrong i love Nic's but wouldn't want to ride an AFR all day with that spec. IMO you are also being generous with 35lb weight for that spec on a AFR?


    Happy with my 4 inches…………………. of Giant Anthem X4 travel that is

    Fox RL 100mm and 100mm FloatR
    XT chainset, front/rear mech and cassette with KMC X9L chain
    Thomson stem with RF Next SL carbon bars
    Thomson seatpost with Gobi saddle
    Formula K18 180/160mm
    Stans Olympic rims/Sun Ringle Dirty Flea hubs with DT Rev spokes
    Schwalbe Dirty Dan XC 2.0's run tubeless with Stans yellow tape

    Around 24lbs I think

    Mister P

    I am looking at this at the moment. Thinking of a Meta 5 Limited as a base and upgrade as bits wear out.


    For me it would be:
    Strange five evo proto (tapered headtube,iscg mounts,maxle rear etc)
    ccdb with ti spring
    fox float 140 rlc's qr15 fit damper
    ck headset
    xtr group
    twenty6 rallye pedals
    formula brakes
    thomson post
    salsa fliplock qr seatclamp
    thomson stem
    sunline vone bars
    odi ruffian grips
    sdg bel air ti rails
    mavic xm819's on pro 2's
    high roller ust 2.35's st front 60a rear

    Think this would make quite a tidy build – anyone want to buy a kidney?!!!
    Seems as its money no object i'd have an extra set of 36's sat in the garage ready to plug in for the alps too but think as we're talking 5" do it all the 32 floats will be fine for uk, went for strong,reliable and reasonably lightweight without going silly.


    I have a medium Helius ST; In trail mode the spec is:
    Float shock
    Totem solo airs
    xm819's on hope pro 2 with 2.4 conti tubeless mountain kings
    spike 777 bars
    Funn stem
    Thomson post
    Bel air ti saddle
    Diabolous cranks 1×9
    Sram x9 gears
    Moto V2 brakes

    On the bathroom tanita scales it weighs just over 36lb and rides much lighter. I think you could get an AFR close to 30lb with big money.

    When I put on the dhx, ex325 wheelset with vented rotors, DH tyres and tubes, and chain device it creeps up to around 41lb.

    b r

    My 456Ti (just add Stans rims and Formula R1 brakes), I don't want another FS.

    Premier Icon vrapan

    I am not sure it would do all sorts of MTB but it would happily do all I want it to πŸ™‚ Anthem X with sensibly light bits to push it down to 23lb or so πŸ™‚

    Premier Icon takisawa2

    Love my Ventana but with coil Pikes & 2.35 Kendas its a bit porky.
    Needs Revs & 2.1 tubeless me thinks.

    Would be quite happy to spend the day aboard my Inbred to be honest.

    Any Saracen economy hardtail!


    an AFR for all day riding? don't get me wrong i love Nic's but wouldn't want to ride an AFR all day with that spec. IMO you are also being generous with 35lb weight for that spec on a AFR?

    I know his weight is pretty accurate (properly weighed not calculated) but I can only speculate with the above spec. Thinking about it his does have carbon bars, and Formula The One brakes which will save a bit over that spec.
    I'd still have it as an all day bike, my current 'do everything' Wildcard weighs up at 37/38lbs, more with DH rubber on. Unfortunately my bank account says I'm only allowed one bike at the moment, so it has to cover many bases.


    Pretty much exactly what i've got bar some fancy finishing kit and a lighter set of wheels.

    Nicolai Helius CC, Air Revs, XT drive train (ok I've got an SLX crank)


    this is just right for my needs seeing as I mince more than John Inman πŸ˜€

    Premier Icon binners

    My Intense 5.5. Its **** ace!!!! Possibly with a bit more bling on it. Not because it needs it really. The XT/LX stuff its got works fine. But just because…. πŸ™‚

    Its running Revs and very very light Bontrager Rhythms. A Thompson stem and Post would be nice though. And…. erm…. and….


    My Rock Springs is pretty close: –

    Pike Airs
    Mavic 719s on Hope Bulbs
    Nukeproof Bars
    I-Beam post and Bel Air saddle
    Hope M4s
    SRAM X9 gearing and Stylo cranks
    And lastly either SB8 or Ardent tyres – with Stans strips

    All in it tips the scales at a healthy 30lb and hasn't completely sharted my finances.


    Nicolai Helius AC in gates team colours, i'd spec an integrated headtube to run integrated headset, maxle rear end, CCDB, with DT swiss XRC 150mm forks, Tune Eidleweiss hubs on Stans 355, nobbynics, XX drive train, magura marta Mag SL brakes, as much ti hardware as i dare, burgtec penthouse mk3 pedals, burgtec bars, point1 racing 70mm stem, selle italia SLR saddle, Tune post + clamp

    Premier Icon shredder

    Im thinking of moving on 2 bikes and as above quite fancy hanging on for the new ;

    Orange Evo with –
    CCDB ti spring
    Fox talas 36
    Flows on Pro 11
    Thomson x4 stem and post (possibly try some sort of dropper)
    Raceface SIXC bars
    Hope Tech V2 front with floaty rotor
    Tech 4 rear
    XTR group (not 100% on this one is it too light/fragile or is it just excellent performing kit)

    Just need the rumours on the frame to come true now

    Premier Icon mboy

    Pretty much exactly what i've got bar some fancy finishing kit and a lighter set of wheels.


    My Maverick Durance with DUC forks is just about the perfect all day FS bike as far as I'm concerned. If I had the money it would get a full XTR groupset to replace the SLX/XT/XTR mix that's on there now, some Stans rims on some nice hubs and some Easton carbon bars. It's already got the obligatory Thomson post, SDG Bel Air Ti saddle, XTR discs and tubeless tyres.


    Santa Cruz Tall Boy.

    Ibis Mojo but with tapered headset and maxlelite rear- have current one and love it

    Ibis Mojo 100mm 29er- Doesn't exist yet but I still want one!

    Not much imagination going on in this thread. My S-Works Enduro was my dream build but within the constraints of my budget.

    Without spending hours thinking about it, I might go something like this…..

    Mojo Carbon with Lopes Link

    36 Talas

    Industry 9 wheels

    Rubber Queens, Hope Tech M4's, XTR, a smattering of Chris King, carbon cranks, Easton CNT bars – and pay someone extortionate amounts of money to produce the hydraulically operated dropper post that I saw once, somewhere.


    For me;

    Cove Hustler
    RS Revs or Pikes 140mm travel, 20mm bolt through forks
    Fox RP23 shock
    Pro II hubs
    Stans Crest rims
    Maxxis High Rollers Super Tacky front / 60a rear
    Thomson X4 stem
    Race Face Deus XC bars
    Sram X-0 gripshifts
    Avid Juicy Ultimate brake levers with Goodridge hoses and Elixir callipers
    Foam grips
    Gravity Dropper seatpost for Alps
    Thomson seatpost for (85% of) UK
    SDG Belair Ti seat
    Race Face Deus XC chainset
    Sram X-9 rear mech
    Shimano XT front mech
    Sram chain
    Shimano XT cassette

    orange blood, with them super fancy crank brothers wheels xtr kit, funn pedals v1 bars, thomson seatpost high rollers, and fox 36 airs

    Premier Icon binners

    Erm… actually… can I have one of these…..


    Again like many here it would be quite like the bike I have
    Something like
    Santa Cruz Superlight Carbon (I know- fantasy remember)
    Full xtr
    Rock Shox Reba team 120 maxle lite
    Mavic Crossmax SLR disc with 20mm (fantasy) front axle
    Racing Ralph tubeless
    RaceFace Next SL carbon bars and seat post
    Formula R1 disk brakes 180 front 160 rear
    fizik gobi saddle

    Premier Icon HansRey

    something like my marin quake. With the RS Lyric Solo Airs, saint m810 brakes (203f/180r), sramXX chainset, X0 gears, goretex outers and my DHX Air. Some nice tubeless wheels from Merlin would be nice too. Chuck on some thomson bars, post and stem and it'd be perfect!

    It is a bit burly, but the frames reasonably light and the propedal makes climbing pretty easy.

    But, the ideal STW FS? Surely it should be made of steel scaffolding and from really niche manufacturer? I nominate the BMW Race Link! If only it was SS specific…

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