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  • nicko74

    Is anyone on stw doing a fantasy rugby team for the 6 nations? I’ve just signed up myself on ‘espn scrum’ because it was the first one that came up… but was wondering if there were any stw’ers indulging…

    Premier Icon molgrips

    Hmm. Tough one that.


    I am & I just created a league for any other STW’ers that want to join. The joining PIN is 7985

    Premier Icon smokey_jo

    Done and joined

    Premier Icon ton

    mens version of rugby starts on friday night.

    rhino’s v celtic dragons.


    Joined. Ruckers and Maulers

    Would have had more red shirts if I could 🙂


    mens version of rugby starts on friday night.

    rhino’s v celtic dragons.

    I think you mean Crusaders. Or have you reinstated the Celtic Wariors and and merged them with the Newport Gwent Dragons?

    joined let battle commence.. bit worried about Gavins calf mind

    Joined team name Buggleskelly

    I am a bit ashamed I only picked one English player but no one is standing out in the England squad at the moment.

    Anyone going to the first game at Twickenham saturday just looked at the weather getting a bit worried my train will get stuck

    I’m in. team name Bad Brains


    JOining also
    NOw to completely change my team, bloody coaches picking unknowns


    I was already in anothyer league but just joined the STW league aswell


    Premier Icon robbo1234biking

    Ive joined as well! Might as well give it a go – rather lacking on England players though!

    poor little gavins calf hasnt made it 🙁


    llamas old boys

    our young ‘uns in as well – Love Truncheons

    bring it on !


    Thanks to all that have signed up so far. We now have 13 teams from STW. I’m out tonight so I will confirm any nore teams tomorrow morning before I head to the game.

    Good Luck

    Henson out of my team Jauzion in

    well that was shite


    Bit if a crap start to the championship.

    I have high hopes for Ireland France though. Should be a belter.

    much better game that


    Site seems to be down and had not updated last night. A bit odd for something as big as ESPN. Anyone used this league before? how long do they take to update with stats?

    it went into meltdown when they saw how good the scarlets pimpenel team were.

    Its up and running now, cant believe I only get 1 point for choosing man of the match!!!

    1 Andy Cannon Cannonballs 3 4 69
    2 kevin mitchell Teribus ye teri odin 1 5 69
    3 Mark Venter zewinners 3 5 68
    3 Rob Belsom Robbo’s Warriors 3 5 68
    5 Andy Edwards scarlet pimpernells 1 4 66
    6 Mike Legg llamas old boys 2 5 65
    7 M Kersey real nosobad 3 3 59
    8 Sean Hargrave Love Truncheons 3 3 57
    9 Jef Kent Peej 3 2 57
    10 michael rees retrospect warriors 3 3 56
    11 Pantsonfire Buggleskelly 2 2 52
    12 Dan Field Ruckers and Maulers 5 1 51
    13 Chris Hargrave Bad Brains 3 1 50


    Well that was a turn up out of the books, to get joint top of the league and an England win, but I have a feeling that it’s all downhill from here, especially concerning England hopes!

    I’m catching up
    1 Andy Cannon Cannonballs 6 5 133
    2 Andy Edwards scarlet pimpernells 3 5 129
    3 kevin mitchell Teribus ye teri odin 4 5 124
    4 Mike Legg llamas old boys 5 7 120
    5 Rob Belsom Robbo’s Warriors 5 6 119
    6 Gavin Davies Bring on the Trumpets! 6 3 118
    7 Mark Venter zewinners 5 5 118
    8 Stu Zed Buggleskelly 4 4 115
    9 michael rees retrospect warriors 5 6 109
    10 Mandy Hipwell Presidents XV 4 6 108
    11 Sean Hargrave Love Truncheons 4 4 106
    12 Jef Kent Peej 4 3 100
    13 M Kersey real nosobad 3 4 97
    14 Chris Hargrave Bad Brains 4 2 94
    15 Dan Field Ruckers and Maulers 7 3 92

Viewing 27 posts - 1 through 27 (of 27 total)

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