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  • Dettoll, cut grass, brand new shirts. And that gorgeous smell that’s really hard to describe when you go out on a crisp, fresh morning when everything’s clean and clear and frosty and fresh.

    Bread in the bread making just before it’s finished
    Expresso coffee as it trickles into the cup
    Tippex thinners ohhhhhhhhh

    Fresh cut grass
    A fresh deck of 20
    Good weed
    Chip shops

    And this stuff…

    Cow Gum – Art School Girls 😯

    After a weekend of using the stuff – straight in at number one – Osmo Hardwax Oil.



    “The smell of a woman” – you know what I mean guys. Afterwards. When you go to work and you can still smell her on you…

    Oh and Bog Myrtle (that’s a plant, not an ex-girlfriend). After a hot day and the air is thick with it. It’s a great midgie repellant too.

Viewing 6 posts - 81 through 86 (of 86 total)

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