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  • jimification

    Hi, Mrs. Jimification and I have just come back from a brilliant trip to Kerala, south west India. The trip was run by Mike at and his two guides. In 15 overseas bike trips, this might just be the best one we’ve done! As I told Mike, his setup is a great combination of well organised but laid back. The riding was excellent, the food was outstanding but most of all, it was a fantastic cultural experience. The Keralan people are incredibly friendly and welcoming. It’s difficult to describe how much we packed in to just less than 2 weeks so I’ll post some pics instead of more boring text.

    I would like to say thanks to Mike, Pankaj and Deepac for making our trip so special and also to Charlie, Harry and Phil, the other (very good) riders on our trip. They really made it an amazing two weeks. Also thanks to Munge-Chick (of STW parish), who originally put us on to the idea…

    If you would like to see any more pics, there are lots more on my site, here:

    one of the last places we want to visit and have yet to do so…….. thanks, inspirational !

    Premier Icon captain_bastard

    Looks amazing…. which is great, as I’m off on one of Mikes trips later in the year 🙂

    Premier Icon mattjg

    that’s on my list but might have to wait a while, is it a 2 week trip inc. flights?

    Premier Icon sheck

    Went in 2009… “Hi Mike if you ever check in on here?” Best biking holiday ever… In fact best holiday ever.


    Yeah good skills! LOVED that holiday, as mentioned it is just like riding with your mates! Bike Verbier subsquently went over with Tracy Moseley and did his Pindari Glacier tour!

    What I still chuckle at is the back water, unbelieveably basic tea shacks he took you too for tea and deep fried solid donut balls! I would never have drunk or eaten something from a place like that except I trusted Mike! and for those worrying about ‘Delhi belly’ in all his years Mike has only ever known a group of his punters get sick after they did THEIR OWN BBQ!

    Oh and how come plain chapatis, salt and a boiled egg tasted so good?

    Premier Icon kayak23

    Wow. Those photos are fantastic!
    The trip looks brilliant.
    I did a cycling trip to Peru last summer and was really disappointed in how road-based it was for what was supposed to be a MTB trip. That trip looks way more off the beaten track.
    Bookmarked… 🙂

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