Fancying a c456…. What size?

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  • Fancying a c456…. What size?
  • carbon337

    My 18 five with 70mm stem was great but after down spec ing that I’m looking at a c456 second hand.

    18″ or 16″ im 5’10” – thinking 18 with short stem.

    I ride climbs with quite a high saddle 31″ inseam but I like a high saddle.

    On downs it will be dropped anyway.

    If anyone has a one for sale give me a shout. Hoping to view an 18″ one tomorrow.


    I’m 5’10” 32″ inside leg and find a 16″ perfect with (I think)50mm stem.


    I’m 5’9″ and find my GF’s 16″ a bit small. I’d get an 18″ if I was buying one…

    Premier Icon Alex

    5ft11 here with 31ish inside leg. 18 inch for me and perfect with a short stem.


    5’10 with an 18 inch

    Premier Icon Northwind

    5’10 and 18 feels about right… But I reckon I could probably have got away with a 16 too.

    im 6’1″ 32 1/2″ inside leg tried Alex’s and also bought a 18″ frame using a 50mm stem and perfect fit, always helps to try first 🙂

    Premier Icon fadda

    6ft, with an 18″ – certainly wouldn’t want to go any smaller!

    5’9″ here and got a 16 – BUT – I’ve only got it a week and on-one forgot to send the bleeding dropouts or bolts with the frame so I cant actually ride it: grrrr! My wife got it for tomorrow’s birthday so shes more annoyed than me!

    Anyway though – looks the right size – had a 16 mmmBop before and that was perfect.

    Possibly the least helpful post ever?

Viewing 9 posts - 1 through 9 (of 9 total)

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