Fancy a ride this Sunday morning (7th Feb)? Redhill area?

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  • Fancy a ride this Sunday morning (7th Feb)? Redhill area?
  • Morning All,

    I'm looking to get out on my bike this Sunday morning for some off road goodness and would love some company.
    Perhaps you've not ridden this area before and would like to ride some new trails. Maybe you're local and want to find some like minded company? Whatever!

    Was thinking 9am-12pm to get some decent mileage in, probably 20-30 ish miles. Will start from Redhill station (top car park, free parking, see clicky)

    Steady pace rather then racy. It'll be moist under tyre.

    Drop me a PM if you're interested – email in profile.


    TM aka Rich F

    Wow busy on the forum this morning 🙂

    Brooess and other folk what I know or have been on rides with me before – I can't get to my email addresses right now otherwise I'd have emailed direct. Drop me a line if you're interested – be good to catch up!



    Rich, maybe. None of my bikes are in full working order right now but if I can get to the post office tomorrow I can pick up the package from Stif with all the bits I need, I can join you Sunday. Drop me a line to my email if you're still going out?

    Premier Icon njee20

    I'll be starting from the other end – Peaslake way, if you wanna come a bit further over?

    Go on the Redhill cycle club page. There is a social mtb group that meet most sundsays at the top of Reigate hill at 10 ish. I have been out with them a couple of times and they are a good bunch that dont take things to seriously


    Might be able to do it depending on a few things. Drop me an email.


    Gotta love cyclists – I post with " drop me a line, email in profile" and you all post on here! lol!

    start time is now 10am meet for 10:15 departure. There's a few guys local to me coming along.

    PLEASE email if you're coming so we know to wait.


    TM aka Rich F


    Gotta love cyclists. It's midday and I've just seen your post.

Viewing 8 posts - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)

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