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    If its a Burley I used to repair them with the hose from fire extinguishers.


    Never used to break after that and the hose is cheap too.

    Where did you get hold of hose?

    I need to repair the flexible towing hitch on out child trailer. The ‘flex’ is enabled by a piece of hose inside a spring. The spring is 14mm ID. I have snapped the hose twice, so I need to beef-up this connection with something that is less likely to tear where the bolts go through.

    I was thinking of the reinforced rubber stuff that fanbelts are made of. Any idea where I’d source 14mm diameter circular section stuff? (or similar)…


    I could hazard a guess

    See if there are any fluid power suppliers in your area – Google “hydraulic” or “pneumatic” and if they have a trade counter, go and see if you can blag an offcut of hose.

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    My local scrapyard has all the old fire extinguishers from Chubb sat waiting to be bought, We have loads knocking around which we buy for a fiver a time and use them for water fights in the summer 😉

    Make sure you buy them with schraeder valves so you can refill them regularly 😉


    PePPeR.. would you mind getting in touch about your post re – central heating ?
    on here

    would really like a chat, just seen your post, but you don;t have many details in profile,.

    (sorry this isn’t to do with post)

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