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  • timber

    Just ranting and need to get this off mt chest.
    Fine for business to business deliveries, but useless for home deliveries. No idea of when they’ll come, no card left – how am I supposed to know they’ve even found the house yet? Anyway, they’re just going to hold it at their depot 2 1/2 hours away, hell, I should’ve just taken the whole day off to go collect it from the shop.
    Just to make it more irritating, their customer service is plain rude and unable to use initiative.

    I quite like the Royal Mail, the postman knows where to hide stuff if we’re not in and their sorting offices are far more frequent if we need to sign for something.


    I like the Royal Mail too, we’ve got a village Post Office (still!) and it’s great. I can’t believe that all the people who slag RM off have ever had to deal with the likes of Citylink.


    RM are not without their issues though.
    We have recenlty had issues with guarranteed next day deliveries, where we wanted stuff for patients, booked at 10 am, so chose the guaranteed by 9 am option.
    it arrived at 11:30 am!
    Then it happened again. Cross! Didn’t hassle the postman delivering, as he’s a nice helpful guy. HE asked us to complain to head office, as HE gets it in the neck off other customers, and appreciated us not giving him a hard time. Turns out the local manager had decided he doesn’t have the resources to honour the 9 am delivery beyond a 2 mile radius from teh depot! As a result the van delivering ours never leaves the depot before 10 am at the earliest. So much for teh 9 am guarrantee!
    When we rang up to ask about making a claim the second time, we were told yes it is guarranteed, but teh deal is, if we fail to deliver, we give your your cost of postage back. If you want to claim further costs, you have to take out the “consequential losses”supplemental insurance when you post it. So when you post something recorded delivery, or guaranteed delivery, when post office counters ask you , how much is it worth, they should really be asking you, how will it cost you if it doesn’t turn up on time! The basic insurance cover is for total loss only, not for failing to honour the guarantee.


    got amjor run around and got nowhere really from teh complaints department. i pointed out to them that to offer a service without any intention of actually providing it is surely fraudulent, but all i got was assurances that it would be looked into.
    meanwhile my local postie assures me that nothing has changed and that whilst i shoul get 12 noon deliveries ok, 9 am is a dead loss still.
    Wouldn’t mind, but the suppliers sending us stuff aren’t told this, and if they send stuff in good faith “guarranteed”, it’s not fair on either of us, when it doesn’t arrive.
    Also WE can’t claim, we have to hassle our supplier/lab, with whomwe have a good relationship, to claim and then refund us, which is a bit poor really, as it potentially puts a strain on our relationship.


    Drillski, timber was referring to home deliveries, so was I. I don’t have any experience of their Business services, and going by your account I’m not sure I want to!


    They are all crap.

    Premier Icon postierich

    Use us or lose US!

    Posties are being beaten to death with PEGASUS (computer work planning route programme) will kill the old uns.



    It’s been in our office about 12 weeks now. The infighting between drivers and walking men has started again. Fatigue is starting to show and to cap it we have to start collapsing a walk on a daily basis on June 8th when we are all already doing 3 1/2 hour deliveries.

    Still, it was a pleasure delivering in the sunshine this morning.


    I always specify RM for internurd purchases as I know I’ll get a card & can pick it up from local sorting office in the morning.

    Truly sick of couriers over the years & their depots are always 15+miles away.

    Rich, have to admit though, our postie is a miserable g*t (been that way for many years so not a new change). Will often write card rather than knock. I do wonder if he does it to avoid carrying the small parcels.

    Premier Icon postierich

    Will often write card rather than knock. I do wonder if he does it to avoid carrying the small parcels.

    Never understood this statement which has been mentioned before, you have to take all your parcels out and bring them all back if you cannot deliver so writing out a card and posting it seems very strange as you still have to carry it back.


    Business wise couriers aren’t a problem, we have plenty of deliveries at WORK during the day, no issues as someone is there during working hours, just no flexibility or initiative allowed for home deliveries.

    Friends baby clothes company use RM/parcel force as they sell to homes mostly and is the way they have the least issues, apart from Sweden for some reason

    I’m not in much of a rush for stuff to turn up, rarely pick the fast option – I just want it to turn up.

    If the courier office was 15 mile away I’d pick it up myself, but I am in S.Wales and it is in W.Midlands…


    have to say we have always had excellent service from our posties themselves, both at home and work, it seems to be “management” that has issues.

    having said that, we did have one postie who, delivered to my dental practice, was an idiot.
    His offences against common sense included:
    throwing a parcel through a top window 5 feet off the ground, opaqued glass, so he couldn’y see where it was going, landing on my patients chest, to whom i was administering a local aneasthetic injection at the that precise moment, with a shout of “catch”, rather than walk round to the front door of the building (20 yards)
    stopping for a sit down in the waiting room for a read of the papers and helping himself to the coffee machine that we have there for patients (suggested strongly to him that he cease this after the parcel throwing incident)
    delivered a pile of post dripping (not just marked by, actually running off! did not appear as though any attempt had been made to wipe it off) with fresh wet blood through letter box! panicked when we saw it and assumed postie had cut his hand on our letter box, but no, all seemed smooth and ok. Enquired of depot and apparently he gets nose bleeds and theres not much he can do!
    Crashed his nice red van the one time he was allowed to use it into our building, leaving a nice RM red mark and damaged render.
    Parcel went missing, RM claimed had been delivered but not signed for. on invedtigation postie had left it fo us when we were closed for a week. he left it on top of the wheelie bin, on bin collection day!

    The man is a legend locally, both with the public and other posties.

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