Famous people you (sort of) know

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  • Famous people you (sort of) know
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    My family and I have just spent a few days over Christmas at my sister in laws where another of her guests was the Nescafe Man in the middle east ad campaigns.

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    I used to live in a village close to Tom Baker and would see him around, he sold his house to Vic Reeves who I used to see around a lot. His wife nearly ran me over when I was running down a tiny lane near their house.

    Jeff Beck used to be local a long time ago and I saw him a few times driving old ford hot rods.

    Kelly Brook owns a house in that area but story goes isn’t there much now.

    Nice edit Flying Ox!

    Yeah, I suppose you never know who’s reading.


    I know Tim Berners-Lee’s sister 🙂

    This thread is ok but there was a thread about celebrity conquests?

    Andy Peters got an mention and there was A Back door Deirdre in there some where.

    Anybody have the link if I was not deleted?

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    I used to live next door to Jo Brand.


    I nearly ran over Mark Bosnich while doing an endo on my ’97 GT Timberline once, he jumped over his car bonnet to save himself.

    I knew Fred Weasley off of Harry Potter once. He was in my Vauxhall Vectra when I thought it would be a good idea to take it offroading.


    I met PJ O’Rourke in a bookshop in Charing Cross Road once.

    I thought it might be him and rather than saying ‘are you PJ O’Rourke?’ I said ‘where do you look for PJ O’Rourke in a place like this?’.

    He said ‘right here’. We shook hands and had a chat.

    Dined out on this for years, obviously.

    Premier Icon 40mpg

    I once spent 2 days in a bedroom with Linda Barker (and my wife) 😈

    Then Michael Aspel turned up to do This is Your Life in our back garden.

    Premier Icon ampthill

    Walking round Woburn I saw Kevin Whateley walking his dog. He lives there

    Shock hands with Thatcher when I was 10

    I saw Joana Lumley running down the stars for a tube

    Willian Hague popped into a lesson a photo opportunity

    Pete Townsend played Magic bus for us when my mates and I screamed for it at a gig from the front

    The last one is the only one that means anyhing

    Premier Icon somafunk

    Went to school with/still know David Coulthard.

    Occasionally go out to a musician friends house/recording studio complex in Deia, Majorca – drank/partied danced wi Bob Geldof + family,David Byrne, Keith + Lily Allen, Anna Friel, Irvine Welsh, Rhys Ifans (legend!), Howard Marks, Florence Welch etc…etc. quite a few more musicians as the village of Deia and the scene out there is your typical melting pot of artists and musicians so you never really know who’s going to be around or drop by.

    Know/met quite a few semi big DJ’s through booking/hosting them to play for us at Festivals over the last 13 years, Darren Emmerson, James Lavelle, Damien Lazarus, Dave Clarke, Riva Starr, Silicone Soul, X-Press 2 etc..etc.

    Kicked Calvin Harris (adam) out of my bro’s club/bar in Dumfries 10 odd years ago for being a ****, this is before he was famous but to fair to him in general he was usually alright and pretty decent but that specific night he was rather blatently up his own arse and opinionated (on something 😉 )

    All tenuous…

    Met Steve Peat & Adele Croxon in Meadowhall Retail Park

    Worked for a woman who had an affair with Phil Lynott

    Liam Gallagher said to my Mrs once ‘Hello doll face’

    Mrs STR’s ex draws foe 2000AD

    Passed Ronny Corbett on the M1 once

    Mrs STR used to go clubbing with Matthew Marsden (Z list soap star)

    Met some Z list minger in a club once, but can’t even remember her name

    Mrs STR has also met Ade Edmondson, Rik Mayall, Victoria Wood and William Hurt

    My sister was on the same DJ lineup as Fatboy Slim and is friends with John 00 Fleming, whom I was chatting with on FB a while back

    A Walkers Crisps advert was filmed outside my primary school and I met one of the fat women who used to prance around on some 70’s/80’s family entertainment show, but can’t for the life of me remember their names.

    Met Dave Basset outside Wembley in May last year

    [url=https://flic.kr/p/pHH9Ai]Facebook-20150103-092011[/url] by davetheblade, on Flickr

    There may be more….

    Premier Icon muggomagic

    Bobby George offered me a job as his driver. Only problem was I didn’t have a licence at the time.

    Premier Icon siwhite

    My sister is a Brand Ambassador for Land Rover – last year I had a jolly in Megeve with Sir Ranulph Fiennes, Kenton Cool (climbed Everest a dozen or so times) and Ben Saunders (unsupported treks to the north and south poles). Nice fellas them all – a fun couple of days doing this;


    Premier Icon siwhite

    Ooh, and I beat Tracey Mosely in a downhill race many years ago! Different classes olbviously, but fun nonetheless….

    Premier Icon Sandwich

    Ronnie Biggs was a distant relative on my mums side of the family.

    Once spent an evening in an hotel in Edinburgh with Mo Johnston who was out for a quiet drink away from Glasgow.


    not so well known on here, but in the world of rugby league, these two are both royalty and legends.

    played with Wally Lewis

    and have known Neil Fox since i was a 9 year old

    Premier Icon simmy

    I live near the Houghton Weavers.

    I see Kirk from Corrie ( Andy Whyment ) regular, last time I saw him he was cleaning up after his Dog.

    Spoke to Wiggo at Tour of Britain.

    Walked past in the background when Matt Stevens was doing a link on Tour of Britain.


    I recently stopped to let stevi Richie cross the road and he gave me the double thumbs up.

    Mrs BP’s cousin has been in a couple of films and his Mrs has been in a few films and a main character in a couple of series of a US sci fi show as well as lots of other shows.

    A mate of ours is a comedian, puts on annual christmas shows in that London – this year he had the Cure playing, last year my wife sat next to Hugh Grant throughout the show and an astronaut told her he liked her coat.


    I sold Justin Currie from Del Amitri a bike when i worked for Alpine in Glasgow. Think it was a green Trek 4700 if memory serves me right. Brian Burnett a pair of shorts and Lara Croft a pair of gloves for a photo shoot. (that was the best one, incidentally)


    My in laws bought Alex Jones old house as featured in OK magazine. I know Martin Plock the best singer songwriter you have never heard of and as a student I slept with a girl whose father painted stiff little fingers first backdrop.


    One of my wife’s uni colleagues is married to that Roger Hammond

    He still holds the 10m TT record in my club from when he was a member as a young chap.

    Um I was in the year above Martin Lewis (that money bloke) at school.


    Chris Akrigg visits my shop occasionally.


    Nope. No one. I don’t know famous people. 🙄

    My brother was in a queue behind John Thomson (Fat Bob / Cold Feet) buying a porn mag in a newsagents in Didsbury.

    Tony Blair officially opened a police station in Whitefield after a refurbishment that I’d been managing.

    Tenuous I know…

    I’m in Bristol and through a career in logistics deal with famous-ish people regularly.Used to see the Massive Attack guys often,have been to their homes many times,and Mushroom still calls in weekly (he’s just gained his pilots licence !)Met Banksie before i knew who he was,see Nick Walker most weeks.Knew the group Portishead well,speak to Peter Gabriel occasionally,have been to Noel Edmonds house too.I used to box and trained with Lennox Lewis and Frank Bruno on separate occasions.Ex sister-in-law worked in media management so I’ve met Brucie,Rolf Harris,and many of the Strictly cast at the time.No stories to tell though,mainly nice (if a little quirky) people.


    I work for the racing channel At The Races and have recorded voice overs with all the presenters many a time. And i have a shoot in the week with the girl who does sky greyhounds. I guess they’re only famous if you’re into your racing though. Most of them are sound, there’s one in particular who’s a complete cock though, I won’t name names.

    My mum’s cousin was James Hazeldine; Bayleaf of London’s Burning and lots of other stuff.

    Lovely talented bloke who died waaaaaay too young.


    I used to live next door to Jo Brand.

    That flat in Denmark hill? I went there when I assisted a portrait photographer years ago, she offered me a brandy.
    Met loads of famous people through work, the ones I can remember when I worked with portrait photographers:
    jo brand
    Katie puckrick
    Pete tong at his house in wimbledon
    That female british tennis player at her house in wimbledon (think that was the same day as Pete tong)
    Nifa and nishan those twin girls painted blue in Star Wars, in the St pancaras hotel, caught one as she fainted!
    Howard Jacobsen (he has nice wallpaper)
    Daviina McCall yonks ago in the MTV building, got a peck on the cheek and a cup of tea.
    Zoe Ball (pre ratboy slim) we discussed man-U defence.
    Chelsea football team a couple of years ago doing portraits for samsung ad, they are all shorter than you think in real life.
    Middlesbrough football team at their hotel pre FA cup morning, stood next to Juninio (sp?) and as a Chelsea fan wondered what would happen if I clicked him in the knee.
    Sharon Davis (swimmer) and Tanni Geey-Thompson
    Thierry Henry and his girlfriend shooting their engagement photo before it was announced, got a rude funny story but I can’t post that on here so save it for middle class dinner parties.
    Spent half a day at Ozzy Ozbournes house, got him to write rude things on my copy of Black Sabbath
    Cubbi Broccolis granddaughter made me a coffee on the set of skyfall
    I worked on the penthouse UK relaunch and got to see a lot of ex page 3 girl Rachael Garley 😯
    There’s lots more but those are the ones I remember
    That all stopped when I started working for myself not other photographers but last year I shot Cherie Blair, Labrinth, Dawn Porter and Martin Sorrel for an ad campaign.

    There’s loads more of ‘stood behind’ ‘walked past’ but they don’t really count as there’s no interaction/conversation

    As for tenuous, was at a Christmas drinks thing last week and some bloke from 10cc was there but no idea which one even though I probably spoke to him
    I know a chap who is famous for making pick-ups for guitars and he knows Jimmy Page.


    Dawn French once came into our shop. She bought a pair of Fred Flintstone boxer shorts for Lennie.


    Ive been in a pub quiz team with Ian Mercer (corrie/cracker/pirates of the carribean)

    We didnt win 🙁

    Premier Icon sadexpunk

    as a baby (obviously), i was delivered by the bloke who pioneered test-tube babies in oldham general hospital (patrick steptoe i think his name was).

    EDIT: and no, im not 😀

    Premier Icon MoreCashThanDash

    I was brought up where Geoff Capes lived. He used to drive a HUGE American car.

    A mate at primary school went on to become Dr Jonathan Foyle and have his own TV shows.

    Robert Lindsay is from Ilkeston and I’ve seen him in the cafe at Shipley Park a couple of times.

    Best I can manage.


    I served coffee and pastries to Fergal Sharkey when I was working as a runner as well. And had an interview/editing test in a studio where they were shooting for page 3 and the dear deidre “sexy comic” things 😆


    I went to school with Nigel Farage’s younger brother and recently had a chat with Adrian Newey over a couple of beers on a sandbank in the Maldives.

    Premier Icon matt_outandabout

    I have a few emails from Natasha Bedingfield as we have a mutual friend, and her b/f has the same name as me, and she has a few times mistakenly sent me emails….

    I puked on Cliff Richard as a baby.

    As a kid growing up I lived in a leafy affluent suburb of NW London inhabited by a few famous folk.My paper round included the home if Ronnie Barker, who I did get to speak to.
    I also had a chat with Frank Bruno a couple of years ago when he started a 10k I was taking part in.

    Premier Icon miketually

    My mam went to school with Vic Reeves, and I taught Theo from Hurts. My brother was in Cubs with someone who went on to beat his mother to death, and used to drink in the same pub as The Carlo Cannibal.

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