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  • family holiday, Evoc bike box, Hire car + Seasucker mounts!
  • meeeee

    Planning a possible family holiday and trying to see if its feasable to take a bike with me.

    4 in a car (possibly 5) so no space in the car for a bike. Wife wants to fly this time so no ferry which means hire car at the other end.

    So i’m thinking… Bike on roof of my car (using existing roof mount) to uk airport, take bike off at airport and pack into Evoc Bag. At Geneva put Seasucker mount on hire car and bike on roof, then fold up Evoc bag and stick in the car!


    -How long does the Evoc bag take to pack and is there much bike dissasembly ie feasible to do at airport?

    -how big is the evoc bag when empty, can it be folded to a reasonable size to fit in the car with all the other stuff?

    -anyone used a Seasucker mount on a hire car?

    Obvioulsy the easier and iintially cheaper option would be hiring a bike on hol (wouldnt have to buy a bike bag or seasucker mount), but if its a feasble option to take my own as described then it’ll be cheaper in the long run


    Takes about 15 mins
    You need to remove bars and peddles and wheels
    Thats about it

    Struts come out of the bag so folds down but would still take up a fair amount of boot space

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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