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  • Oh yes…

    Managed to sneak in 3 days skiing with the family between Christmas and New Year in Zillertal. One of those occasions where everything just works out brilliantly.
    Three days eating and drinking at the inlaws, drive down to Uderns.
    Day one was lovely sunny, snow was plentiful, but pretty tracked out. No photos.
    Day 2 it snowed and snowed. Visibility was pants:

    But got some nice turns in the trees above Mayerhofen

    The Twig in the trees:

    got damn cold. Frosty hair

    As I said, good snow. But shit vis. I wandered down something called Hari Kiri. Probably a good job I couldn’t see the bottom.

    Frustrating not being able to see, and do the good off piste, but the forecast for Friday was ace…

    And indeed so it proved. We had a bit of stress queuing for the huge lift, and got sidetracked by some choss, but evenutally reached the Laemmerbicht lift and lapped that for hours..

    The Twig for some fat air:

    Leaning back a bit much:

    The day nearly got kaibosched when he landed the jump above and his skis popped. The bindings were set way too low.

    Took ages to find his ski.
    But we did, eventually.

    Snow was great, but perhaps not quite as safe as it could have been

    On occasion the the Older one looked like he was charging too. (can’t believe I used that word) 😳

    hell yes.

    look daddy, fresh tracks.

    Occasionally it looked like it was going to cloud over…

    Actually, I’m lying. Blue skies all day. Excellent.

    I was a tad stressed initially, as it took us ages to find the good OP. First time in a resort and all that. In the morning the stuff was all a bit shallow. But the far skiers’ right stuff had some bits with a decent gradient…

    I think it was itinaire 69 we did mostly. I was astounded at how untracked it was even at 4pm. Just amazing. In Stanton it would have been ground to shit by 11am.

    Brilliant day, and only 4 weeks to go till Feb Haf term

    PS. If anyone’s looking for a cheap half term deal, then you could do worse than Zillertal. Flights to Nurember, train to Zillertal, taxi the last 1km to the hotel. Full board hotel. You could do a family of four for around £250 each headline price. Why go to Bulgaria….

    Premier Icon GrahamS

    Looks like great conditions. Blue skies and fresh snow.

    Hintertux glacier is worth a visit too in that area. You can usually get a bus for a day trip.

    Not sure I’d be over keen taking kids into off-piste areas where there appears to be signs of recent slides, but you were there, you know the real conditions on the ground.


    Not sure I’d be over keen taking kids into off-piste areas where there appears to be signs of recent slides

    That was my thought too

    Premier Icon Jerome

    We were mayrhofen 23 to 30 dec just gone. Meant to go zillertal but was dodgy day when we planned to visit. Awesome conditions though and super sunny as you say. Hoping to be there next year..


    Thanks for sharing your (boring to anyone else) holiday snaps.

    …couldn’t resist!

    Some bordering on harsh comments here^^^

    Looks great.

    Premier Icon pedlad

    I’ll bite.

    What was the avalanche risk level? Did you all have transceivers and the other kit plus the training on what to do. Did you do an assessment on the slopes. There’s been big slides there but it doesn’t mean there’s not more to come down.

    With the level 3-5 that most resorts have been seeing this Xmas new year no way I’d have been off piste with my kids. But……if you have all the kit, skills and assessed it as safe then fair enough.

    Thanks for sharing your (boring to anyone else) holiday snaps.

    …couldn’t resist!

    fair point, well made.



    …I was jesting !

    I’m not sure. As you say, they’re not relevant to anyone else. Not sure why I posted them really.

    Ho hum. Night all


    You posted them cos they’re great pics and you’ve every right to be proud of your children…

    Actually I found them quite inspirational, I don’t ski but if I did I’d want to do the same with my kids, mine are into bikes and architecture!

    Post away….

    Premier Icon GrahamS

    unfitgeezer: +1

    Good pics and great to see. I enjoyed them. Nothing wrong with posting them at all. Don’t be too sensitive OP, everything gets a minor slagging here.

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