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  • Family food bill, what do you spend?
  • Premier Icon iainc

    2 growing boys and some wine and a meal or so out per week. Probs 1k in the month all in,incl bog roll and washing powder !

    Premier Icon Kryton57

    Pretty much what cool hand luke said, ‘cept there are 4 of

    b r

    2 adults – £30 a week or thereabouts at ASDA, i can only assume some people eat golden crocodiles…

    and you eat, what exactly?


    £60-£80 a week for 4 of us,we make everything fresh and rarely waste anything,buy a lot in bulk also therefore we are not buyng the same thing constantly.


    @b r
    lots of chicken, pasta, salads,
    mostly italian foods, some fish every now and then.

    Premier Icon tomaso

    Interesting variations in spend?

    Big shop for me and the wife and two girls 5 and 8 and two cats and 3 chickens is about a ton a week plus random stuff about £140 all in. And that is for clothes washing, dishes, toothpaste, school dinners, work lunches and any other sundry things and lots of booze.

    I’m impressed with the folks that get by on much much less as I don’t think I am extravagant but I do think we enjoy our food a lot. I cook everything from scratch and as my old student house moto states “Live like Kings die like pigs!”


    PS Eating out and pub beer is not included.

    PPS How many weeks do folks spend more on small CNC’d pieces of unobtanium for the pushbikes than on their food bill? 😈

    Premier Icon mattbee

    Wife reckons about £100-£120 per week for the 2 of us and dog, that’s for everything.
    I then spend around £20per week on lunches at work.
    We would consider that we eat very well, wife is very good at making large meals which end up in the freezer as well as us so there’s always a nice home cooked ‘something’ to be had. Would be able to spend much less if we cut out the wine, had less expensive meat such as lamb and steak and didn’t eat out the couple of times a month that we do, but we are lucky enough to be able to afford it. Feel for those who have to feed more people for less, but we have done it in the past.
    I remember being a student in the mid 90s buying Kwik Save beans for 3p a can and eating such delights as rice and gravy or tinned pilchards on spaghetti because they were cheap…

Viewing 7 posts - 81 through 87 (of 87 total)

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