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  • Family food bill, what do you spend?
  • Sui

    £800 a month yikes. About 450 all in here. 2 adults 2 toddlers.


    People stating ~30 per person per week:

    Is this _everything_ e.g. washing up liquid, cleaning stuff, loo roll, sneaky packet of crisps at lunch time, etc etc?

    I’d really like to know how you do that (edit: without eating crap)

    Yes that is everything – for a start there is no sneaky packet of crisps – packed lunches, takeaway very rarely (less than once a month), buying in bulk and special offers, a lot of pasta and rice etc, and limited meat, not a lot of bread, own brand products where possible etc etc.

    Only thing excluded is alcohol, which I get at Aldi/Lidl, special offer or from Naked Wines 3 or 4 times a year.


    Probably £100 a week here for 2 adult and 2 children (9 & 11).
    Excludes booze and kids school meals but we don’t eat much meat.

    We had a good look at this a while ago as it seemed to be spiralling – the 2 biggest savings were through online shopping (Tesco delivery saver works out about £2.50 a delivery and you just don’t pick up anything on impulse) and buying supermarket own label instead of brands. I work for a company that produces a lot of own label – the standards are very high these days & most (not all) is a match for the brand

    Funny I was just going through this today, got an average of 490.00 per month For 2 adults 1 toddler which I thought was on the high side.

    Premier Icon simmy

    On food and edible stuff about £70 a week just for me, I’m not a greedy so and so put have a nasty habit of buying food out instead of getting in and cooking.

    Also got addicted to costa recently.

    I can be more frugal, but I’ve been working long hours so just treat myself. When work gets quieter, I can drop that bill by half by buying at Aldi and taking buttes to work or eating a home at lunch.


    I can’t believe this thread! What sort of packaged, processed, sugar and fat rich, garbage are you all buying to rack up those sorts of numbers at the checkout?


    Double post, oops!

    About £100 a week for 2 adults and a 16 year old bin on legs. That includes fizzy drinks which me and the young un drink gallons of!

    And a big bag of Wagg dry food every two months at £10 or £15 if its not on offer at pets at home. Get Asda/Tesco own brand cleaning stuff (Bleach,polish) and Radox shower gels, Oral B tooth paste.

    Been a bit of a struggle this month due to me being on SSp. But Normally me and the missus have £900 disposable income per month. But we usually add this to the shopping budget. And for the next few months will be to pay the credit card and next years holiday off.

    Premier Icon wwaswas

    Oldboy – chicken for tonight’s meal cost us nearly £3 per person. By the time we’ve added other ingredients, rice, drinks and a couple of naan breads etc I can see it being £4+ a head for the meal?

    £50-70 a week for 2 adults that covers food, washing powders, toiletries and the like, basically everything. No packaged meals and we rarely throw anything out at the end of the week. Write down a menu for the coming week on a Friday then get the shopping first thing Saturday morning and just get what we are actually going to eat.

    If we needed to cut back any further the food shop would be the last thing I’d compromise on, there’s not much as miserable as tasteless food.

    £80ish per week, 2 adults and 2 under 5’s. That’s for everything, I cook from scratch every day though. Meat from Waitrose, veg etc from Aldi.

    I can’t believe how much some of you spend, you must be mad.

    Premier Icon PePPeR

    I feed my dog on bags of working dog food, they tell you the protein and fat content and during the working season he runs on the platinum food at about 25% protein and in th e off season run on the 18%)protein food.

    £10.49 for thé low protein a month.
    £14.49 for the high protein food a month

    People paying £8.00 a week for dog food could be saving a fortune.


    £70-£100 a week for two, depending on whether we need washing powder, cat food, etc. This invariably includes a couple of bottles of wine. That’s buying what we can in Lidl and then Asda for the rest.

    And occasionally Wholefoods and Waitrose.

    On average £100 a week for 2. That is everything you might get from a supermarket – cleaning stuff, toiletries, alcohol (generally about £20 a week). We eat out 2 or 3 times a month. Main shop at Aldi, topped up at
    Sainsbury’s and local shops/ market.

    £100 a week for us two adults and a 3 year old. Goes down sometimes and up others could be more frugal could be less but then I dont go out to the pub like many do.


    Just checked my spreadsheet and we spent £200 last month for two adults and a very hungry 7 year old, which is the lowest spend this year for us.

    I’ve taken to doing smaller more frequent shops (to avoid wasting food), someetimes check deals via moneysavingexpert website, compare prices via mysupermarket even if just buying from the store as it helps work out which is best value; visit a range of different shops from Lidl for basics through to Tesco and M & S at times when I know the latter two are are more likely to discount, bulk buy when deals on, etc.

    Premier Icon ton

    when we were all at home (me and mrs ton and 2 kids) we spent about £160 a week.
    the 2 kids are now in the forces, we now spend £60

    good riddance, you greedy little sods…… 8)

    Me and the wife. £350 -£400/ mth. No booze. Only ‘happy’ meat and almost all at sainsburies because it’s two minutes around the corner. Baby due in February so things will be changing!

    Around 120 a week 2 adults 2 children and random strays. We do top up here and there. No alcohol in my house.

    Premier Icon mikewsmith

    2 of us here about $120 (AU) which is about £70 – 35 each

    It does fluctuate a bit as some of the seasonal stuff goes up a lot at times. That gets us a week of home cooked food so nothing pre-prepared or frozen.
    That is for everything except alcohol as for some strange reason they think the world will end if you can buy a bottle of wine in the supermarket.

    Back when we were in the UK we I tried aldi shopping and it was cheaper as it had half the choice and a heap of stuff that wasn’t that good so we didn’t buy it and instead went back to sainsbury’s.


    Quite hard to tell all in, since it’ll be split across 2 market visits and then some random bits from the Polish shop, along with a visit to the bakers and several co-op fly bys. Maybe £100 a week for 3.

    **** me, looking at that we must spend all week shopping or eating 😆

    For Jambalaya, , good cheese is not a luxury, it’s a human right 🙂


    £70-90 every two weeks at the super market (Waitrose again).

    Probably another £30 in between on milk, bread and other fresh top ups from the local shops and then if I work in town I tend to buy a sandwich or get bought lunch so say another £8 assuming I work in town 2 days a week.

    So up to £70 a week for 2 adults. We try to eat veg only for weekday evening meals.

    That does not include washing and cleaning stuff as we buy that in bulk from Costco (£11 for 6L of fairy clothes stuff which lasts several months) but does include the odd toiletry and few bottles of beer/wine.


    llama – Member

    People stating ~30 per person per week:

    Is this _everything_ e.g. washing up liquid, cleaning stuff, loo roll, sneaky packet of crisps at lunch time, etc etc?

    I’d really like to know how you do that (edit: without eating crap)

    Yes, I can include junk food if I want with £25.

    £25 per week for a 13 stones plus me with everything in but then I live in the GeordieLand where food is “scarce” and booze is plentiful … 😆

    Chicken (medium) (3 to 4 meals) – £4.50
    Fish(bream) (one meal) – £3.50 (fish market)
    Bread (800g) (about 5 days) – £1.30
    Meat (shoulder pork) (3 – 5 meals) – £4.15
    Veg – any green like Pak Choi (3 meals) /Chinese leaf (5 meals) – £1.50/£1.00
    Bananas – £1.00 (5 days)
    Mini Apples – £1.00 (5 days)
    Peanuts (chilli coated) £1.16 (3 to 5 days)
    12 Eggs – £3

    (Note: protein – Chicken/pork & fish together will last for at least 10 meals. If I keep them in freezer and keep buying more I will have stockpile of frozen food)

    Balance of £3.89 on whatever I want … can’t think of any at the moment but usually food stuff like semi junk food.

    If I really want to be economical then I can easily survive on £15 on food alone.

    Rice 10kg – £13 (but this will last a while)

    I can cook everything myself which helps.



    Perhaps I’m fortunate living in Wokingham, Berks to have a range of shops (but equally it’s an expensive place to live) but just some examples this month to get my bill for two adults and my 7 year old daughter down to £200 a month:
    – Bread (800 grams) – often pick these up for 12p from Tesco at certain times. Otherwise, it’s two 800g white toastie loaves for £1 from Morrisons Local
    – Eggs free range (6 for £1)- Lidl
    – Milk – 2 litres for 97p from Morrisons Local
    – Chicken breast – bought 6 lots this week reduced at M & S – £7.20 instead of £20. As Chekw has said, easy to stockpile
    – Bananas are usually about 12p each
    – Porridge Tesco everyday value oats – 75p for 1kg pack which I think lasts me about 2 weeks or so

    I just check the amount per grams/ml, etc. as often the marketed deals aren’t as good as them seem, i.e. grapes are still usually cheaper bought loose than the packaged deals.

    My wife does sometimes cook from scratch and bakes particularly well 🙂

    Perhaps I’m fortunate living in Wokingham, Berks

    😯 😯 😯 :mrgreen:


    Our monthly grocery budget for 2 adults is £320.

    The missus is vegetarian, so I practically am too. That coupled with doing big batches of food we freeze helps keep costs down. We don’t skimp on decent beer, coffee, etc. and bake our own bread, naan and pittas.

    i have pretty much given up doing big shopping trips as i try and cycle everywhere as much as possible. luckily lidl is between my boys school and our house so i just pop in there on the way home.

    We don’t eat a great deal of meat which also keeps the cost down so for the 4 of us it works out around £80 a week . . . .but i have to say my eldest son works in a Tapas bar in town and i know from my food bills he is getting plenty of leftovers from work! He is 20 and at the age where he can eat for England – just glad he’s sourcing some of it elsewhere!

    Edit – i will always swing by the ‘big’ Tescos when I’m in the car to get certain things their Daisy washing powder being one of them best value by a long shot and does a good job

    Premier Icon miketually

    This week’s Aldi bill was £118! Because we got £50 cashback 🙂

    Neil F

    Two adults, a 17 yo lass and a 14 yo lad.
    We spend about £100 to £120 a week in Aldi and Morrisons, and I spend about £15 a week at work (wholesale Butchers) on meat produce. This includes alcohol, cleaning products and those occasional Aldi superbargaintastic irresistible but completely necessary buys. 😀

    Just me, my GF, cat and dog for now although baby number 1 on the way. Weekly big shop is between £50 to £80 usually but can go to £100 if there’s a deal on nappies, grog etc. Dog food is around £40 a month. Probably spend £30 to £40 outside the main shop on extras.


    Should I?

    Hmmm.. We spend about £450pcm, just us two, wine & spirits incl. We use Waitrose for everything.

    Premier Icon MoreCashThanDash

    Two adults, two primary school kids, two guinea pigs, one giant African land snail (don’t ****’ ask) works out at about £100 per week. One big delivery from Occado and top Ups mainly from aldi. Suppose we should include maybe a tenner for school dinners


    2 adults and 14,16yrs rugby players..£95-110 each week. Not go big on red meat or alcohol in our household.


    2 adults – £30 a week or thereabouts at ASDA, i can only assume some people eat golden crocodiles…

    sneaky beer not included.

    Premier Icon coolhandluke

    £110 a week, family of three

    Since we started internet grocery shopping a couple of weeks ago, that’s now dropped to £70.

    Guess mrs Coolhandluke isn’t buying unnecessary things or bargains we used to throw out,

    Premier Icon iainc

    2 growing boys and some wine and a meal or so out per week. Probs 1k in the month all in,incl bog roll and washing powder !

    Premier Icon Kryton57

    Pretty much what cool hand luke said, ‘cept there are 4 of

    b r

    2 adults – £30 a week or thereabouts at ASDA, i can only assume some people eat golden crocodiles…

    and you eat, what exactly?


    £60-£80 a week for 4 of us,we make everything fresh and rarely waste anything,buy a lot in bulk also therefore we are not buyng the same thing constantly.


    @b r
    lots of chicken, pasta, salads,
    mostly italian foods, some fish every now and then.

    Premier Icon tomaso

    Interesting variations in spend?

    Big shop for me and the wife and two girls 5 and 8 and two cats and 3 chickens is about a ton a week plus random stuff about £140 all in. And that is for clothes washing, dishes, toothpaste, school dinners, work lunches and any other sundry things and lots of booze.

    I’m impressed with the folks that get by on much much less as I don’t think I am extravagant but I do think we enjoy our food a lot. I cook everything from scratch and as my old student house moto states “Live like Kings die like pigs!”


    PS Eating out and pub beer is not included.

    PPS How many weeks do folks spend more on small CNC’d pieces of unobtanium for the pushbikes than on their food bill? 😈

    Premier Icon mattbee

    Wife reckons about £100-£120 per week for the 2 of us and dog, that’s for everything.
    I then spend around £20per week on lunches at work.
    We would consider that we eat very well, wife is very good at making large meals which end up in the freezer as well as us so there’s always a nice home cooked ‘something’ to be had. Would be able to spend much less if we cut out the wine, had less expensive meat such as lamb and steak and didn’t eat out the couple of times a month that we do, but we are lucky enough to be able to afford it. Feel for those who have to feed more people for less, but we have done it in the past.
    I remember being a student in the mid 90s buying Kwik Save beans for 3p a can and eating such delights as rice and gravy or tinned pilchards on spaghetti because they were cheap…

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