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  • Family Christmas movies that are actually worth watching.
  • tonyd
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    Gremlins is a great Christmas film too.

    Be careful with Gremlins. My two are 13 and 14 now and haven’t been introduced to Gremlins because of this scene

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    Our annual Xmas watch was Black Sheep, all my nieces and nephews loved it. Think Dog Soldiers, but more gory  and with sheep.

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    Prep and Landing series. 

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    @tonyd my kids have watched Gremlins for years and only recently did I clock that scene! Managed to talk my way out of it; it was her dad dressed up not the real one, the real one will still have turned up etc etc but always wonder if they are pretending to believe now… there should be a writers code never to alude to that in anything no matter the rating!

    in other news. Lots of classics here but the best modern-ish one I’ve seen is ‘The Night Before’ probs not for young families but PMSL!

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    Her logic is clearly flawed. By that reasoning I could disprove god.

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    Muppets Christmas carol

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    I suppose it depends on your family but here are our  Christmas staples:


    Die Hard 1 & 2

    Home Alone 1 & 2


    Office Christmas party

    Daddy’s home 2

    National Lampoons Christmas vacation


    The Grinch (Jim Carey version)

    Polar Express

    Holiday Inn

    White Christmas

    Muppets Christmas Carol

    Its a wonderful Life

    I also give Planes Trains & Automobiles a honourable mention even though it’s though a thanksgiving film, and normally kicks off our “seasonal films”  binge..

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    Gremlins was rated 15 when it came out, possibly explaining the Santa Claus story in the script.

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    Amazon prime has the grinch and how the grinch stole Christmas

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    Big fans of Angels Sing in our house. Willie Nelson, Harry Connick, Lyle Lovett among others. Sure it’s schmaltzy, but hey it’s Christmas

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    Rare Exports.

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    We watched Gremlins the other day, I had fond memories of it and thought my 10 year old would enjoy it.

    It’s rubbish! It hasn’t aged well. The part in the bar is too long and just stupid, not funny stupid, but puppeteers going “let’s dick about with some more costumes” stupid. The end bit in the department store is pants. The whole film was pretty disappointing, which is a big shame as I really wanted a good Christmas film as an alternative to all the Richard Curtis crap.

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    Depending on the age of the kids …


    Trading places

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    For anyone whose family is all older than 15, Violent Night.

    Xmas story, people questioning if Santa (David Harbour) is real or not etc combined with Die hard and gratuitous gory violence.

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    The Futurama episodes with Santa Bot.

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    For anyone whose family is all older than 15, Violent Night.

    I caught some of this over the weekend, maybe 20 minutes. I’d have to be drunk to think it was worth watching any more than that.

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    The Madagascar Penguins in a Christmas Caper, sadly only 11 minutes long, but well worth it.
    on Netflix with some other Dreamworks titles, that I haven’t seen.
    Watch DreamWorks Holiday Classics | Netflix

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    Candy Cane Lane

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