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  • Fake Ebay account suspension email – Phishing scam
  • Premier Icon ir_bandito

    I got this email this morning:

    The email looked genuine, all correct headers etc, but the “My Ebay” link included in the text took me to a page which got picked up as a phisihing scam. I’ve emailed ebay to report this.

    anyone had similar issue?


    I like how you blocked the email reference ID despite already knowing the email is a fake :p

    (Unless the ID contains portion of your email or something in which case I retract sarcasm.)

    If you log into your account from a new browser window it’ll tell you in there if your account is limited.

    Then delete it 🙂

    Premier Icon wwaswas

    emails from ebay always have your username as the ‘dear ….’


    Did you click the link?

    You should never click the links in these phishing mails as the page it will link to could contain some kind of malware, or they may be able to identify your email address as ‘active’ or ‘gullible’*.

    If they identify your email address as ‘active’, your address will be promoted to a new list of email addresses that cost more money (i.e. the scammers will sell your details on for more money). You then receive more phishing emails.

    Run a full scan with your antivirus software just in case.

    I’m not trying to scare you just a helpful warning I hope.

    *the gullible comment wasn’t a dig, just that they may think that by you clicking on the link you’re more likely to fall for a scam.

    In future, hover over the link and you should see that the true destination has been masked and won’t be anything to do with eBay.

    Premier Icon ir_bandito

    I did click the link 😳
    I may have been involved in a little ebay cheekiness this week, so thought they’d found out. My browser instantly reported the webpage was a phishing scam so it didn’t open.

    Premier Icon annebr

    I got a very convincing looking email supposedly from Paypal recently. The links all looked dodgy when hovered over and I never click links in emails anyway.


    McHamish is right about the “active” email list thing,

    However that can also be triggered by opening the email in the first place, so unfortunately not always possible to avoid.

    However clicking any links is a full on no-no.

    If you hover your mouse over a link your browser will tell you where it is directing to in the bottom left (usually) of your browser window. If it doesn’t look legit, don’t click.

    I also seem to recall the proper emails from PayPal etc don’t contain login links – they simply direct you to the main site to log in manually.

    As always, common sense is the main weapon. I have my PayPal account locked down with two factor authentication – I have had a number of “You’ve just bought XXX for £YYY” emails that looked genuine enough on a quick glance that I was able to delete without even opening because I know I haven’t used a two factor authentication code.


    Started getting them this year after someone else got caught out and all the contacts got help email’s

    “I am stuck in spain and need some help to get home, lost all cards, can you wire some money so i can get back”
    Made to look like from my friend. Since then i have had several million dollars awaiting me in Hong Kong/Africa/USA and even though i don’t have accounts, Amazon/Paypal/Ebay all email telling me my accounts are suspended…..which i don’t have.
    Couple of banks too.
    Uncollected parcels from various couriers.

    Most recent is too confirm a package that i haven’t bought or am even expecting any thing.

    I think the Amazon one even stated in the small print on the bogus email “Amazon will only contact you direct, never via email” 🙂

    Premier Icon wwaswas

    I may have been involved in a little ebay cheekiness this week

    Guilt’s great isn;t it 🙂

    You trusted the email was correct because you felt guilty and nearly got caught out big time. You were lucky your AV software spotted the duff link!

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