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  • Failed PF30 In Under 250 Miles.
  • I use a praxis works one to run my shimano cranks and it’s faultless, (touch wood)

    Chris King have a PF30 BB out now if you have £180 spare!!


    Drill a small hole in the underside of your BB or remove the seatpost and flip the bike after washing/wet rides.

    It should be covered under warranty as I’ve only had the bike since march but is there any alternatives to this shitty setup or reasonable tips to keep it from killing itself.

    It’s the drive side that’s gone, on a 2013 stumpy evo.

    Thanks for the info, ill keep the water in the frame in mind tho.

    Dont think im feeling that flush for a CK one. lol.

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    Gusset make a decent pf30 bb much better than the standard SRAM one, available from bike scene and other places £35 ish
    Clicky I’ve fitted a SRAM to BSA adapter and a Hope stainless BB myself, you will need a new crank though to do this.

    Wheels Manufacturing make one with Enduro bearings for 50 quid. Significant upgrade over the SRAM variant


    My stumpy Evo one started to creak after similar miles, it was after a wet ride it started, water seems to get down the seat tube.

Viewing 7 posts - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)

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