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    and I thought I was being funny 😀


    And now 46 views


    Forgetting about the blog for a second perhaps finding a hobby that accommodates your recovery could be the way forward.

    One that immediately springs to mind is airgun shooting. Bench rest specifically (at first) as it allows you to sit and take the weight off your feet. For the sake of about £300 you could have a ready to go spring powered rifle with scope that will allow you to tinker as you would a bike (drop in tuning kits and beyond) and is self contained so no need to worry about lugging dive bottles around as per a pre-charge and, if second hand, not likely to lose any value provided you take care of it. You’re handy too (well, I guess ;)) so you could knock up your own kit if you wanted to. Learn how to inlet a stock and make your own, knock up spinners for plinking, that sort of thing. The point mainly being that it’s:

    a) Accessible
    b) Sociable (most club folk tend not to be the Walt types, especially target shooting. Occasional ATGNI snobs but you get them everywhere)
    c) Focuses the mind, probably the most important thing. Even when not shooting there is plenty you can do. IIRC your garden would be fine for a short downhill range with a suitable backstop if you didn’t fancy the club. Plus tinkering, always the tinkering, especially if you built your own gun using a Crosman or such.

    Dunno if this place is close but would be worth a look if you’re interested.

    During my recovery I am planning on:

    Improving my 3d printing and design – Sat inside
    Improving my welding and making some more art pieces – Sat in the garage
    Replacing the bushes on the BMW suspension (see latest post) – Laid on a wheeled undercar crawler
    plus a few other things I will keep back so you stay following my incredibly exciting blog.

    Anyway, please post comments there 🙂


    Holy crap I feel your synchronised toy maintenance pain.

    Cheers – also just discovered the switch on my my mains powered drill ie the powerful useful one, seems to be on the blink. Sometimes it presses, sometimes it doesn’t. I suspect a little bit of broken plastic in the switch body has written off a £100 drill…


    I don’t know how well known it is, but a book that might be useful for you is “On Writing Well”, by William Zinsser.

    Good luck with the blog, if you do one, and with and the ankle.

    Edit: sorry,I didn’t notice you’d already started blogging. I wasn’t suggesting the book as a result of taking a look – just in case that’s how it looks.

    but a book that might be useful for you is “On Writing Well

    What are you saying?!?!?


    The blog is basically for my own amusement and to giver me something to do while recovering. If it entertains a few people along the way then that is a benefit. Sort of STW-lite


    haha, see my edit above …


    I’d be interested to know how it is you actually manage to finish your various projects, can you tell me that in your blog?


    Cos I still haven’t managed to fix a broken SRAM shifter that’s been stuffed for over a year.

    As I tell my wife “I have started so I will finish, there is no need to nag me about it every 6 months”

    Actually it is simpler than that. I get bored very easily, I don’t have kids, don’t like TV, only really read late at night so the rest of the time what do I do?

    There is only so much porn on the internet you can watch before you get bored of it so you had better create the BBB/Southampton Bike Park / a bespoke car / some welded dragon sculpture / engraved portraits etc

    100 page views in one day for the first time after just 4 days and 6 posts.

    I bet it is back to 6 of you by tomorrow/ Anyway, off to do my yoga now


    WorldClassAccident – Member

    I wonder how to get a wider audience?

    The really simple way is to create a coherent/consistent social media presence, the main platforms obviously being Youtube, Facebook, Instagram and Twitter. You can then either promote your content through the likes of Facebook ads, Instagram ads and paid for youtube views. Your blog would be a written version of your video blog, insta, the photographic version with video or video stories and Facebook a combination of the two.

    It could all be to promote your blog or your blog could be to compliment the other platforms.

    I wonder if I want one?

    Unless you really work at it or spend a lot of money sponsoring it then it probably won’t grow into anything massive. You might get some free gear to review, it might open some interesting avenues career wise, or it might give you access to new revenue streams. It’s hard to say.

    Any of you (15 today) who are looking for updates, I normally update around lunch time so check about 2pm if you are interested


    You tube the blog?

    I have to have a plate put in next year and plan to complete my PS4 games gaining dust or read, practise my maths (uni level) and play my guitar.

    If I had more money I would smoke coke and the company of hookers.

    Stay positive and take it easy when repairing the bmw, you need to mend first!

    Premier Icon senor j

    I’m one of the 15.keep it up .:-)

    Okay, I was lax while away on work but the blog is now updated and I even have a saved extra draft post prepared so if I am too busy to write I can post that up.

    Thanks to the loyal 8 who have checked for the last couple of days. I will try to keep the updates regular in future.


    Blog looks good. What model RR have you got?


    I suspect a little bit of broken plastic in the switch body has written off a £100 drill…

    Improving my 3d printing and design – Sat inside

    OP; that’s a couple of hours sorted then?

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