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  • Facebook post / photo question
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    A thing happened today, we were walking the dog and saw a woman slumped in the front seat of a car in the car park…music playing loud.

    Only a few breaths per minute, weak pulse etc. We pulled her from the car, I called ambulance and my wife (a nurse) started kiss of life, then subsequently cpr when the pulse was lost.

    Ambulance came, wife continued cpr until pulse returned…we then left the paramedics to it.

    While my wife was doing compressions, I took a picture. You can see my wife’s face, but none of the paramedics faces, only a part of the lady’s stomach and leg, only a side view of the car…no registration number or anything that could possibly identify anyone other than my wife.

    I put a message with the photo that said ‘we saw a woman slumped over wheel, Bek did CPR while I got ambulance’…again, nothing that could identify anyone, nor was I making any assumptions about what happened.

    Cue lots of ours friends (including loads of other nurses) saying well done to her. All good, until someone that is at work today at the hospital texted Bek to suggest I should move the photo.

    I work with idiots/social media so am very aware of the rules. There is nothing that can identify anyone, and no one is bringing anything into disrepute.

    My wife is panicking now, so I have hidden photo. I’m right to reassure her that everything is cool, aren’t I?

    Sorry for rambling post, it’s been a funny old day.

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    You’re wife is identifiable, she is a healthcare professional off duty or not it is her patient. Silly thing to do.

    Ignoring all that. Well done to both of you.

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    Not what you want to hear but it’s certainly disrespectful by taking a pic. Why did you need to do that?

    Premier Icon sc-xc

    Ok, accepted. I was just proud of her.

    I’ll delete it.

    It shook me up, I was just so impressed that Bek just snapped into action and took control.

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