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  • Facebook photos not displaying on STW?
  • Premier Icon matt_outandabout
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    Anyone else got this?

    I presume it’s a FB change and I need to go back to Flickr..

    Premier Icon tjagain
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    I quite often get blank white space instead of photos – from multiple sources and when other folk obviously see the photos. I assume this is to do with my browser and security settings

    Premier Icon scotroutes
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    I’ve only had FB photos working if there was one photo on the FB post.

    I’m using postimages.org these days. It’s quick, requires no registration and gives you a forum link to Copy and Paste without requiring use of the STW tag button.

    Premier Icon DickBarton
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    Perhaps security changes across a few sites? If the photo on FB is set to only a few people to see it, it may not show if you aren’t logged in to FB at the time of viewing on the other site perhaps. It may be a security measure to stop access to FB content from 3rd party sites. It may be a block put in place on this site. It may be a block your browser has to stop 3rd party tracking and content being utilised whilst browsing a completely different site.
    Or it could be that you aren’t doing it properly…

    TL:DR – I don’t know why.

    Premier Icon footflaps
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    I’ve found direct linking FB photos pretty unrelible, I guess they are enforcing privacy settings so only allowing valid FB users to access the source eg friends etc.

    Premier Icon Drac
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    It’s never worked that well not even on my iPad. Postimages is the easiest way although they’ve changed the code on the direct link recently.

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