Fabric 50/01 Magic Grips, anyone using them??

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  • Fabric 50/01 Magic Grips, anyone using them??
  • onedpete

    Hi all, I was just wondering if anyone’s tried the above grips yet? I had a squeeze at a trade stand at Southern Enduro Champs and they felt good, but after some real world reviews. Ta muchly… 😉


    I had a pervy squeeze too.  They seem longer than standard grips?

    Other than that, I’m keeping my eyes on this thread 👍


    Yeah, first impressions were good Beagle, nice n tactile and I like a bit more length (fnaaar 😏) to my grips as I’ve got wide hands, I always found standard twin collar lock ons to be a pain as not enough real estate to play with. I’m using the odi f1 Vapours right now and they are probably my fave grip to date. Incredible comfort, feels like I’m running 5psi less in my front tyre! Also, nice n grippy gloved or gloveless. Only thing I don’t like is they’re push ons. Bit of a faff to remove and do twist gradually over time. I did hear a rumour at the same trade stand that odi were working on a lock on version which would be amazing, but no evidence of this as yet…These Fabric ones look interesting though.

    A friend has them and really likes them. I’ve had a quick go on his bike and they seem pretty good, shape is excellent. If I’d not got new grips the previous week I’d defo consider them.

    Premier Icon Normal Man

    Not that it is much help but I ordered some yesterday so will be able to offer MHO in the future hopefully.

    I am replacing Superstar half flange grips FWIW.

    Premier Icon muggomagic

    I’ve been using them for a few months now. I was getting some numbness with the deathgrips so switched to these and haven’t had a problem since. Only downside is the mushroom grip wears out on the shallower parts.


    Got a set. Prefer my usual go to grips which are Sensus Disisdaboss and Lites (on bikes with less room for disisdaboss) so not much help either.

    If it helps they’re longer than most standard lock ons but not as long as Disisdasoss

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