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  • F1 Brazil – Sao Paulo
  • jota180

    Hoping for some wet/dry, changeable conditions

    Should bring Button and Alonso into the mix
    regardless, I reckon Alonso will be mega into turns 1,2 & 3

    great circuit so looking forwarward to a good one

    Vettel to scamper off into the distance, Alonso to make a monster start and make up several places, possibly into second, Webber to fluff it up as usual and end up down in 8th or something by the 1st corner, the McLarens to battle it out and possibly take each other out, leaving Massa to take an unexpected podium! 😀


    that’s fairly detailed 😀


    Rain is forecast, which is always good.

    The rest of the field might need a miracle like the last race. Or a sniper to take out one of Vettels tyres. Otherwise he’ll be off like a rabbit. Again.

    It would be nice if wee Bruno could live up to his name at his home GP.

    Premier Icon rOcKeTdOg

    Brundle to Sky then, not a shock, but a shame

    Premier Icon the-muffin-man

    For my daughter to win our fantasy league I need both Ferraris, Webber and Schumi to crash – and a Vettel / Hamilton 1-2!

    Brundle to Sky then

    Excellent. Fartin Trundle out, get a decent commentator in who is actually a little bit impartial and does not in any way have such obvious bias towards particular drivers and teams. TBH, Fartin has spoiled the coverage cos he’s so onionated and has a definite agenda. A pundit he is, but he’s no good as a commentator.

    Hoping for a good fight between the McLarens, with Alonso in the mix, to have an exciting race for once. Cos let’s face it, unless he has a mechanical, Vettel’s probbly already won this.

    Could also see a good battle with Massa and Webber, two drivers desperate to prove themselves but both knowing they are Number Twos.

    Interesting that you don’t like Brundle. I think he has been really good as a commentator. I would probably prefer the David Croft/Martin Brundle tie up rather than the Brundle/DC one but I think it has been working very well.
    So much better than Legard who somehow managed to suck all the life out of the races.

    Anyhow, Interlagos usually produces fantastic racing so I’m looking forward to the race. As a Ferrari fan I am hoping for a good finish to the season but I fear we will be racing the Mercs not the McLaren and Red Bulls.
    Bit of changeable conditions thrown in, perhaps Button can do something about Vettel but more than likely he will create a 2 second gap on the first lap like he somehow always manages to do and then be gone!

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    Onionated? Does he have a bias towards druidh?


    He’s a racist too.


    Hoping for some Red Bull (team clean) controversy where Webber puts Vettel into the wall (he’s not hurt apart from breaking his pointy pointy victory finger) and goes on to win.
    If it’s wet, watch out for Hammy.
    Also watch out for Schumey coming up through the field to a paltry 6th place (retire FFS).


    I like Brundle too, some of the stuff he gets away with on the grid makes me chuckle.

    I too think it’ll probably be a boring win for Vettel, but hoping for a bit of a dog fight for 2nd – 5th with Button, Hamilton, Alonso, Massa getting stuck in.

    Hoping DiResta (sp?) does well also, come on the Brits!

    Unless Vettel suffers a mechanical or makes a mistake, Webber has about as much chance of winning as Nico Rosberg…

    Let’s look at the stats:

    Vettel: won eleven races and had fifteen pole positions.

    Webber: Won none, three poles.

    Personally, if I’d bin so comprehensively humiliated by my younger team-mate (woon’t happen; woon’t let it), I’d be looking for the most dignified exit possible. And get into another form of motor racing, like Fartin Trundle did. Maybe get some wins, make a bit of a name for meself.

    I certainly woon’t be able to handle being Number Two by such a margin. That’s just embarrassing.


    It’s dry at the moment and quite warm

    Perfect scenario would be some drizzle just as they went off on the formation lap with a few short and heavy showers throughout the race

    vettle to give webber the win? This is assumming he can manage to remain second after the start, which on this year’s performance is doubtful.

    Premier Icon bruneep

    Ha ha ha

    “” can we just go home now”

    Fantastic 😀

    don simon


    don simon

    Vamos Alonso!!!


    What a move. Nutter! 😯

    When he’s in the car Alonso is my favourite driver. He’s class.

    Gifted to Webber. What did I say? Only if Vettel get’s a mechanical….

    Ooh! Button gets his revenge…


    Wonder how nando managed that move
    Button lifted to avoid debris

    Good final 20 laps from Button though gave Webber 3rd place in the championship


    Webber and everyone else knows that race was set up for him to win.
    embarrassing to watch all the afters, interviews, little knowing looks etc.

    Gearbox problems, my arse.


    but they didn’t have to make up a reason so why would they do it?
    I think it was a genuine issue

    from some of the in car vt it was fairly obvious all was not 100%

    I agree, CheezO. Funny how Vettel had a ‘gearbox problem’ yet still managed to match Webber’s pace once he’d let him get a few seconds ahead. Plus the way he slowed to allow Webber to pass said it all; ‘yeah, I’ll accept team orders, but I’ll make it obvious to the world watching, what’s really going on…’ Farcical.

    Nice of Seb to let his poor significantly inferior team-mate win though, weren’t it?

    But just in case Merk does not in any way quite get it, here’s Seb telling you what his position in the team is:

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