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  • Eye floaters
  • pennine
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    (1) At work using computer when the text started to disappear & black zig zag lines appeared. A bit scary so rang my optician. He examined my eyes and explained about silent migraines. (2) Years later optician diagnosed cataracts and I had surgery on both eyes 2yrs apart. Night time driving was getting more difficult. (3) Went to bed, dark room, and saw flashes. Next day saw optician who diagnosed a retinal tear left eye. She phoned the hospital & told me to expect a call from them. I attended eye dept next morning & confirmed a tear. Operation next morning & surgeon said it was in an awkward corner but repair successful. I got full sight back because I didn’t mess around hoping it would ago away (5yrs ago). Apparently, a lot of older people put it off & go too late. Partial or loss of sight is the result. Can’t be too careful with eyes is my mantra!

Viewing 41 post (of 41 total)

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