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  • Extreme.com – Trying not to rant but, when I win something I expect to get it!!
  • fbk

    Just me then? I’m so alone 🙁


    Just me then?

    Well presumably yes, unless someone else also won a signed copy of a MTB DVD/box.

    I would not at all be surprised if it’s down to piss poor organisation in their office rather than malice.

    Having been involved in many, many botched promotions, it typically works something like this.

    1. Let’s have a competition! Brand manager says.
    2. GREAT!

    2 months later after the promotion has finished and when the brand manager no longer gives a flying fish.

    4. Switchboard say “we’re getting quite a few callers asking about the prizes for some competition
    5. And no one will have a clue about who did what and what was promised.
    6. Cue someone with a conscience trying to sort stuff out, if you’re lucky.

    Or you approach some regulatory body whose name I can’t remember.

    don simon

    Stop whinging and MTFU it’s only a DVD.

    Premier Icon bruneep

    “Bugger off they’re not honouring it anymore”

    There you go, move on. 😉


    Tell them to send it unsigned.

    TBH I think you should be grateful they told you that you had won…..they could’ve not bothered.


    Yeah I’d be hacked off – they get a ton of publicity from the comp, then don’t honour it.


    http://www.extreme.com you say?


    I wasn’t going to “name and shame” but this didn’t seem to make any sense without it. so I have!

    I entered a competition to win a signed copy of a MTB DVD/box set just before Christmas. A week or so later, I was pleasantly surprised to hear I’d actually won – the DVD was still in production but I should hopefully get it before Christmas, once the folk involved had autographed it….

    May the following year and I’m still waiting to receive anything. I know it’s not a big prize but it was actually a DVD I was going to buy anyway but figured I wouldn’t bother as a signed copy would be cool to have. Also, as a resume of the 2011 season, it’s always nice to watch before the next year’s racing starts!

    I’ve emailed Extreme.com on numerous occasions – when they do eventually reply they are very apologetic but just fob me off saying they’ll “chase up the people involved”. To be honest I’d rather they just tell me to “bugger off, we’re not honouring it any more” as I could then just forget about it.

    I’m sure I could threaten to complain to xy and z but, to be frank, I can’t be arsed at the moment as there are more important things to consider. Maybe I should just MTFU and ignore it but it’s just got me riled.

    Thanks for listening, I’m off to grumble for a bit 🙁


    Have a grumble about it on Facebook/Twitter, make sure you reference them several times in your rant, that may get their attention


    We had a local radio station run a competition to win a pair of tickets for a Paul weller rehearsal gig. My brother in law works for him, so I rang him up for tickets anyway.. Mr Weller was livid as the gig didn’t exist!. Needless to say the competition stopped pretty quickly.


    Ah well, some smiles amongst the usual STW sarcasm/wit!

    I could buy it but I don’t want to give them the sale now. Petty? Maybe.

    Bruneep – thanks, I feel better now :). Smudge – that takes the biscuit I reckon!

    Premier Icon wwaswas

    I’m still waiting for my 2007 Singletrack Calendar as a free gift for subscribing.


    i won a magazine from a bike race; took ages to sort out but they did come good in the end. years sub is a years sub so no issues there.

    dvd of last years racing is a bit different though.

    If you want something done about it, diss them on twitter and Facebook. That normally gets a response.


    Well, a good few years ago I entered a competition in a cycling mag, which I won, the prize being a Muddy Fox Sorcerer mountain bike. Fantastic, nice bike, very pleased with it.
    Move on about eighteen months, and I get an invoice from Muddy Fox asking for payment for the bike! WTF!
    I had to phone and email the mag to get proof that it was a magazine promotion prize to get them off my back.

    If you want something done about it, diss them on twitter and Facebook. That normally gets a response.

    And if they block you? Or remove you from their Facebook page? No one gets to see anything. A friend has just got that treatment. The situation has been resolved quietly and quickly apparently after a solicitor stepped in.

    Premier Icon DezB

    Email me your address and I’ll send you a copy of Dirt starring Jason McRoy. It’ll be better than the dvd you won anyway. Unfortunately JMC can’t sign it, but I could get Jedi to scribble on it tomorrow…

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