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  • External WiFi cameras
  • aphex_2k

    Looking at getting a couple, one for garage and one for the side access to the house. I’d like to be able to view on my phone / have motion detection and the ability to hook up a hard drive to my router to record when activated. I’m assuming the “night vision” is pretty limited but I’d like to have decent quality (whats the point having them if they’re not giving me clear day time footage!?)

    There’s hundreds out there, I don’t want to spend a fortune though…. Moon stick situation?

    Could you use the motion sensing lamps as well as the cameras. I suspect the cameras would then be cheaper without the night vision. Our home insurance was lowered when we had some lamps installed as they’re a great deterrent.

    Premier Icon DickBarton

    Unsure about the hard drive but Blink sounds close to what you are after…


    How techie are you?
    I do most of the above with about 40 quid’s worth of Raspberry Pi and 15 quid of Camera 🙂

    Premier Icon frankconway

    I think Ton is your man – if you don’t recognise the name, he’s a regular on the forums (fora?)

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    Arlo does this. Had mine for 18months. It works very well and records to cloud.

    That said it’s not a like a pro installation.

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    I think the netgear Arlo pro does all of that. Alternatively, the normal Arlo records to the cloud rather than to a HD.

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    You need to spend quite a bit to have really useful footage, although my definition may differ to yours. Do you want to capture a number plate of a car that stops in your drive? A clear face shot of someone trying your front door? Or a smeary grey blob of someone cutting your locks in the garage that is no use to anyone?

    Arlo avoids the need for running any wires (they run on battery) but then you have the faff of changing batteries frequently. Else if you’re running power to them it’s no more hassle to run ethernet to them as well.

    Out of interest how would something like this perform?
    Does it need lots of hacking around to get it working and stop unsecured access?

    I assume they need to be waterproof?

    Clever Dog smart cameras are good for indoor use – could you make an outdoor housing?

    They need powering (via USB) but you can get 2 for £40 so they’re good value.

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    Arlo avoids the need for running any wires (they run on battery) but then you have the faff of changing batteries frequently.

    About once every 4-6 months depending on traffic.

    They aren’t designed to be always recording, they have motion detection which triggers the video.

    We have one on the front door, one on back door and once covering shed doors.

    Occasionally one will go bat-shit and start alerting for nothing. It’s usually a spider.

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