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  • External wall insulation? Anybody had it fitted?
  • ..if you have is it as good as i think it should be? ( i think it should be a big improvement on retrofit cavity wall insulation).
    I understand grants are now available, well they are in wales, so can you recommend an installer?

    Lots of the HA/council properties up here have had it fitted. Can’t tell you how good it is but it looks tidy.

    We sell a few of our products into Wetherby Systems, seem to have a decent enough name in the marketplace.

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    I used to sell NBT Pavatex and Baumit systems – they were brilliant

    If you have a cavity, get that filled. Then get good advice.


    I have it, 14cm thick polystyrene stuck and fixed to the house and then rendered over. It’s superb. Basically the brickwork becomes a huge thermal mass, so once this is warm it stays warm for a long time.


    It is used a lot in Europe and has been for years, in Austria for example it is very common and according to friends who live there, it is brilliant.

    It isnt as simple as whacking it on and rendering over though. You end up with deeper window reveals so less light, you also need to consider roof overhang, especially on gable end walls etc.

    I was looking at it but we are in a semi and the guy next door wouldn’t even entertain it when i discussed it with him.


    Anyone know of costs/sq metre?

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    Matt – you still in the insulation market? Be interested in a chat if you are.

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    Fitted about £65 per sm. Grants being slashed from 70% to 30% on March 1st thought so be quick.

    You need to get yourself a bent EPC assessor to up the carbon in our home.


    A mate of mine redeveloped a house into a couple of flats and had to achieve certain insulation standards as part of the planning permission. This included external insulation, only problem was the narrow gap between his house and the neighbours in which were both “front” doors, so he had to buy the thinnest/highest performing Kingspan system, ended up costing him £100/m2 or something like that, this was 2012 (maybe 2011) so not sure how much has changed.


    Britain’s housing stock is terrible; most houses are still Victorian or older, built at a time when coal was cheap and so was the cost of a skivvy to run up and down stairs all day with buckets of coal for the fires. Cities must have been filthy places, worse than Chinese cities today or Istanbul before city gas arrived.

    When I drive to my MIL’s place in rural Shropshire and see all the old red brick Victorian farmhouses I despair; most country dwellers must still be freezing.


    OP I work in the industry and can give you some advice.

    The price per sqm will vary according to the thickness and type of insulation you want/require and also the finish that you wish to put on top. Dry dash render, coloured render, brick effect etc.

    Expanded polystyrene (EPS) is the cheapest insulation but you need to use a reasonable thickness to achieve a decent level of performance, usually at least 100mm.

    Something like Kingspan K5 phenolic insulation will give a similar performance for roughly half the thickness of board, but this is more expensive.

    Its important to consider openings, fixings, gas supply and roof overhang etc.

    As someone mentioned Wetherby Building systems are one of the main system providers. It might be useful speaking to SPS envirowall as they have an outlet in Wales I believe.

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    I own an ex council flat which had it fitted eighteen months ago when they did the whole block. It’s first floor (of three) and is on the end of a block with gable end facing the prevailing weather. Fairly ordinary double glazing and protected front door. Four/five inches of phenolic then render. The transformation is amazing. Boiler rarely needs to be on, even with snow on the ground outside. Oh, and because the council were involved, the scaffolding was up for over six months!

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