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  • Exterior woodwork – filling small cracks?
  • JonEdwards

    The exterior woodwork on the house is the next job on the DIY list. I last did it 7 years ago, just after we’d moved in – stripped back to bare (100+ years of paint) and started again. Used Sadolin Superdec, which has survived pretty well – although abraded back a bit as the front of the house is pretty exposed to the prevailing wind.

    There’s a bunch of smallish cracks – mostly joints – that have opened up a bit. We’re talking 1mm wide, max, which I’ll struggle to fill reliably using normal woodfiller – especially on the external corners. I could just fill them with paint, but any better options? Something a bit goopy and sticky like No More Nails, Gripfill or similar that I can inject into the gap?


    Premier Icon slackalice

    You could use an exterior caulk, or 2-pack filler. Squish both in with a flexible filling blade/knife and either wipe or sand away the excess once cured.

    Premier Icon mudfish

    no, I think it’s a bodge
    Good decorators I know use either the Ronseal 2 pack exterior wood filler, or 2 pack car filler (cheaper). Of course make sure its well scraped out and properly dry.
    I used some 2 pack epoxy on failing window frames 20 years ago on a house I previously occupied, it seems to be still doing the job, it’s far “better” than wood ;~}

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    Yeah Ronseal Tupac filler, or a bit leftfield, but Milliput epoxy putty.

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    Ronseal Tupac filler

    Works well on benches I hear.

    Premier Icon thisisnotaspoon

    Not so well on the east side either.

    Another vote for car body 2 pack.

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