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  • Torminalis and then the follow up by Junkyard.

    Great posts. He went out with someone previously. If you want him to edit them out of his life, or simply tell white lies to pacify you, then you need to look at yourself. If he is obsessed with his exs then he needs to look at himself.

    As Junkyard says, we can’t work it out from the limited information given.

    Either way it’s not looking promising for the relationship and one of you needs to get a grip.


    an ex girlfriend of mine used to do this. back in summer 1996 when we met she had just split with her boyfriend of two years. Every other word she spoke was Darryll this, Darryll that, me and Darryll… It used to drive me round the twist. After several months I started to become suspicious that they were perhaps seeing each other again, so I split. Weirdly enough they were straight back together and continued to stay that way for the next fourteen years.


    At 10+ plus into our relationship we’re past the insecurities stage, so our past partners occasionally get brought up. I often tease my partner about the fact her last partner was hung like a donkey, unlike me (I don’t know this is actually true, inferred from something she said once).

    Am I being silly if I get annoyed by the constant mention of ex’s with my current boyfriend? I feel like I’m always being compared & I’m starting to wonder why he wants to be with me as they were obviously far better, at everything in incomparison.

    Probably not, but we both talk about exes occasionally. But then we’re both mid-30s and have had previous experience – it would be daft to assume otherwise.

    But it is also just that – occasionally.

    Depends on the context/way in which he brings them up. You say you feel like you’re being compared – does he explicitly compare you to his exes, like “so and so never did that” or so and so never had a problem with it….”

    There’s a difference between mentioning an ex, as in “oh yeah, I went there once with Kate” or actually comparing you, as in “Kate would never have worn that

    Start a huge row about something totally random and utterly unrelated.

    ..and then just when it’s getting really heated, shout
    “You’re just like <insert name of ex>” (make sure he knows you’re referring to an ex, not just using a random name)
    That’ll make him pause just long enough for you to add
    “…and he was ****ing useless in bed as well”

    if you get really lucky, the look on his face will make you burst out laughing.
    One way or another, i should think that’s the end of the ex-conversations


    Why did he split up with his exes? Have you met any of them? I guess he made them feel unworthy of his attentions, too.

    Of course, if you want real advice, you need to ask this on



    My last boyfriend was like that, always talking about his ex’s many of whom he was still close friends with, it didn’t bother me, I even met a couple of them who were really nice people, but it bothered me that he then tried to keep me away from them! Some men, like some women just can’t move on, if you are having doubts then it might be best to call it a day now, in my experience doubts don’t usually go away, you just end up trying to ignore them, trust your instincts on this one if its going to be a major issue you probably already know it.

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    There’s a difference between mentioning an ex, as in “oh yeah, I went there once with Kate” or actually comparing you, as in “Kate would never have worn that”

    I don’t know about the kind of relationships you’ve had in the past, but in most cases, I’d imagining that making that latter statement would probably end up here….


    Next time he mentions his ex smack him in the face with a frying pan !

    tell him your preggers!

    he’ll shut the fudge up then

    He’s a man, and therefore has the sensitivity of a house brick. The trick is to hurl the house brick at him. i.e. In no uncertain terms, tell him to stop unnecessarily banging-on about his Xs and pay more attention to you.

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    All mine are in Texas…

    How’s the weather in Tennessee?

    On the subject I’ve got a date tomorrow 😯

    Bricking it!

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