Exposure Toro…. lumens output?

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  • Exposure Toro…. lumens output?
  • lardman

    I’m looking to get a self contained light unit, to match the Diablo i use on my helmet.

    I currently use a very good MTB batteries light, but one with a separate battery pack, which puts out around 2000L. I don’t need more light, but do want runtime around 2.5 – 3 hrs.

    To get this runtime out of the Toro, i believe i’ll have to run it on a medium setting.
    Does anyone know what the Lumen output this light does on medium?

    Ive looked on Exposure’s website, but can only see the full Lumen output ratings.

    Any other reviews would be good, as the Reflex+ setting might be great for me, if it’s reliable enough.

    Premier Icon chakaping

    I have the Toro, with a Diablo on my helmet as well. It’s a good combo, for me.

    No idea on lumens, but the Toro just has high and low settings. I use the former for climbs and the latter for descents or technical flat bits. That gives me three hours easily, with plenty of light.

    Does that sound like your riding? The only snag might be if all yoru riding was flat and non-stop tech (ie. twisty singletrack), which I experienced on a ride down south recently (but still had enough juice).

    Premier Icon Kryton57

    The current toro runs 2000l for 3 hours.  If you look at the scale on the website you can do the maths e.g if medium burns for 6h it’d be giving you 1000l to do so – roughly speaking.

    Premier Icon benp1

    Yep, as per Kryton – it’s all rough but it’s a helpful way of looking at it

    Check out battery capacity when you have a look too, that’s sometimes a good secondary check

    I use a Strada Mk6 with 1000 lumens for 3 hours. The latest one has more power for less time (i.e. 1200 for 2 hours), and has a smaller battery. So is a bit of a step backwards

    Premier Icon crazy-legs

    No idea on lumens, but the Toro just has high and low settings.

    Depends what programme you put it into. I’m using mine on the most powerful of the non-boost modes and it’ll do 3hrs on high (roughly 1800-2000 lumens), 6 on medium and 12 on low so assuming it’s a linear chart, about 500 / 1000 / 2000 lumens.

    The boost mode will auto-brighten the light on descents, it’ll go as high as 3000 lumens for brief periods bit that obviously impacts battery life.

    I prefer the idea of a mk14 joystick on the lid, and put my diablo on the bars. It’s a bit floody I feel, the joystick looks a lot punchier, which I’d prefer.


    ok, thanks all…..

    @ Nobeer… I also have a Joystick, which i find is not really enough for a helmet light, so i use the Diablo, and the Joystick get’s used for camping now.

    if the Toro does 2000l (ish) for 3 hours, that sounds like it would work fine for me.
    Are you using it in Reflex+ mode, for variable output to get this?

    My riding is south downs area, and some gravel back lanes stuff. So, brightness overall is not the biggest issue, but runtime at around 2000L is what i was after.

    Thanks for the replies all.

    Premier Icon Kryton57

    Are you using it in Reflex+ mode, for variable output to get this?

    Not until it arrives tomorrow…

    Premier Icon andybrad

    i have a toro and diablo on the lid.

    it doesnt quite hit the run times a few years in but its ok. i run it on pgr2 which gives 2 options and that gets me about 4 hours (it says 6 in high which is rubbish) toggling between the two.

    just to note it needs 24 hr charging to get the best from it!

    Time Exposure updated their beam comparison images, they’re a tad out of date now, and I’d rather use those than compare lumens really.

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