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  • Exposure red eye from a seperate battery?
  • cyclistm

    Currently using a long cable red eye connected to an Exposure joystick on my commute. The light has been great so far, but being so bright it kills the battery on the joystick.

    Does anyone know if you can/how to connect a second rechargeable battery to the red eye?

    PS – Before anyone says it – the Flash/Flare wasn’t out when I bought the red eye.


    Certainly should be possible – perhaps call USE?


    I can tell you that plugging an Exposure “piggyback” battery into the light will power it.

    I suppose if you rigged up a lower voltage battery to the correct connector you may be able to reduce the output from the Redeye. Maybe you can put two batteries into it and then have a switch making them parallel or series – for when you want it megabright or more “sociable”. When riding with others I just unplug mine, but you’ve got me thinking now!!

    I met a guy in London one morning who was using a Strada on the front with the remote control. As a result he couldn’t use the redeye so had it hooked up to a single cell piggyback. He had the whole thing attached to a quick release saddle bag for quick removal.

    Hope that helps,


    Cheers all,

    Anyone built a homemade piggyback? Or found a cheaper alternative??

    Is it just a case of getting the right battery or is there a driver in there?


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    Smudge does one for £41 including a bag, about £36 excl bag. Don’t have an email for him as markenduro ordered some for the two of us. Works fine with Maxx D and joysticks.

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