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  • Exposure MaxxD – Real World Burn Times?
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    I had a response from exposure too about mine dropping charge when left alone for a few days

    they said the same as the chap a few posts back about letting it get down to below sort of 15% from empty, then doing a full charge for about 15 hours

    said it allows the battery to recalibrate itself, it may even come up with an error code with it being on charge for 15 hours but its perfectly fine if it does

    it worked perfectly out last night, I ran it down to 1% and have done a full charge for about 12 hours so far, so ill leave it till dinner time ish, then not touch it for days, and see what it says then

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    Ok, I’ve done a “proper” off road ride now, my earlier two were road then rough cycle path/farm track. Exciting waffle follows….

    Bedgebury red route in Sussex if you know it, PGM1 whole time, first 10 minutes with it set on low along fireroads then auto the rest of the time.

    1hr39 total time, 1hr22 moving (fitted new saddle so lots of faffing, camelback bladder broken so repeated near strangulations by helmet light lead as I got a bottle out of my camelback etc….)

    At the end it showed 1:17 left in High (reflex), 5:17 in low, battery test with it off showed 46%, it went Amber to say 50% or less left at 1hr28

    So pretty much as described really 🙂 The route doesn’t have much elevation but is rough in places, short up/down, small sections of fireroad etc. A few times I think the reflex could have been a bit quicker or more sensitive ie on this one uphill it wasn’t quite as bright as I ideally wanted but I should stress that I have bad night vision and I had turned off my helmet light to see what the Maxx was upto, never actually an issue.

    One downhill twisty rough bermy bit near the end I went for it (ie actually bothered to pedal instead of just flowing it….), 95 secs, did the same bit in 90 secs on Saturday in the daytime

    So to summarise, in this incredibly indepth single ride test (more than some mags?) it lasted as described. If you did a large group ride which based on my experience means a riding to stationary faff ratio of 50/50 you would get more than 3hrs (or more brightness throughout the ride?). It dips below Low when stationary as I did a quick test when stopped for a drink after disturbing a couple of deer..

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    ive done the regcharge thing on mine from empty to a full on 100% and for some extra hours

    I did it on Friday, and its still at 100% charge now as of today, so 3 full days on

    before it was dropping 20% overnight, so If anyone else does have this, seems the battery needs resetting by :- run the charge down to under 10% then charge for around 15hours, you should now notice it will stop dropping percentage of charge overnight when not In use (this is advice given from exposure, so sounds like its a fairly common problem)

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    just chipping in on this as ive got a new toro in the post today.

    I see you can get the support cells. Whats stopping you getting one of the usb power supplies and using the usb lead to give you extra juice for the ride home?

    Would this work? can you use the light while its charging?

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    dunno, sorry.
    just a point about Li-ion cells and charging/leaving them charged – don’t. Li-ion should be stored partly charged and in a cool place ideally. so for instance i do a night ride that gets me down to ~ 45% on my 6 pack, and that stays in the garage until the night before the next ride, then i charge it.

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    oh why so?

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    afraid i haven’t looked in to the physics of it but I have read of this in a couple of places – lumicycle’s site for one that is particularly relevant. make sure theres enough charge that it doesn’t drop too low over time, but not fully charged. if storing for a long period, get it out, charge it, use it a bit, then put it away again.

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