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  • Exposure light recommendations pls
  • edhornby
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    So I’m doing the MNPR last night and my commuting light for backup was as bright as my main light…. it’s time to get something proper that will last, I’m thinking Exposure race which seems relatively sensible price (maxxD looks crazy price) but if there’s anything else please give me ideas

    NOT ebay/budget sellers, want a proper warranty and lower risk of charging
    bar mounted
    all in one design – no separate battery with wires
    £175 max

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    Evans deals are the best at the moment

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    Unless something turns up on Rutland after Christmas (often does) then the Evans light sale is probably the best chance to buy new-in-box Exposure.

    I’m not unhappy with my now elderly 2013 Mk6 Maxx D which still performs much as it should, and the current Mk12 Race has the same runtimes with a brighter max setting at 1900Lm. I’d be happy to recommend.

    I just spotted a particularly good online price on one, but as there’s only one left I’ll spare you the usual STW PSA treatment and PM you the link… 😉

    Edit: ah, except you haven’t set up a profile. Oh well, the thought was there. It’s a Black Friday deal…

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    Set on Exposure? I use Four4th Genesis on my MTB and very pleased with it.
    Exposure Revo on the winter road bike, which is also great but in a different way.

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    I paid about that for a Toro. It’s perfect as a bar-mounted light for night rides up to 2 or 3 hours.

    Does about 2hrs on full, but the lower settings are fine for climbing and easy bits.

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    everywhere listed has gone back up to full list price but wiggle are still on 167, going to pull the trigger, cheers all

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    I’d be surprised if the Race 12 feels underpowered and based on my old MaxxD should last forever!

Viewing 8 posts - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)

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