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  • Trying to charge my exposure light (a Race from a couple of years back)away from home. Was flat when i got it out this morning, charged it for about 40 minutes at home then grabbed the light and the usb charger (which I’ve never used before).

    Now trying to charge from a PC using the usb cable.

    What indication does the light on the back give? Seems to be flashing green at the moment – does that ever change?

    Seems to be a slight smell of burning from it – i pulled it out and there was a bit of a puff of smoke. Light wouldn’t switch on. Have now plugged back in and after 10 minutes seems to be working ok.

    Any advice?


    I don’t know if the Race is any different, but on other Exposure lights the LED on the light just flashes green for ever while it’s connected to a charger.

    The mains charger LED indicates charging (red) or charged (green), but when charging from a PC there’s no indication when it’s done. Also it’ll probably only charge at 500mA from a PC USB port, unlike 1A+ from the mains charger, so it will take a lot longer to fully charge.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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