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  • As title started running and I use a joystick on my helmet for riding and wondered if there are any one out there using there’s for running if so what head strap are you using?


    Does that fit a joystick? though it was for their new running headtorch only?

    There is/was a joystick headband, have one somewhere. Not exactly complicated (elastic headband with slot of joystick) but works well.

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    I have one bought of wiggle last month. Just an elastic strap with a slot for a joystick. Works a treat for my early runs.


    I’ve got one, but not with the plastic clip like the one in Crell’s link. It’s an elastic strap (of the material in Crell’s link) for around the swede, with a loop for the Joystick.
    The fit’s great, but if you wear specs, the Joystick will blind you, it reflects off yer specs.

    Crell that looks ideal with the plastic bracket, does the joystick definitely fit though ?


    Those straps would be fine if they were black only, otherwise they look like something John McEnroe would have worn when playing Borg…

Viewing 7 posts - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)

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