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  • Exposure Diablo lenses?
  • TiRed

    Ask Exposure if they can supply you with the fresnel lens they mount in the Strada. It’s very good at giving a wide spread of light.


    Do you need it to see by or is it there more to be seen. If so the rubber cover they sell is great for helping you be seen, turns it into a big 40W glow bulb.

    It’s to see with. Worst case I’ll just go back to having it helmet mounted – it’s easy to dip the beam when it’s mounted on my head!

    I’ve been using my Exposure Diablo mounted to my lid as a commuting light for ages and it’s been great.

    However I’ve recently changed my helmet and my commuting bike and have stuck it on the bars. It’s still ok, but I find I have to keep it pointed down to avoid blinding other road users.

    Are there ant more suitable lenses I could put on this light to dip the beam?

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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