Exploding (and i mean exploding) folding Maxxis Advantage off Stans No tubes

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  • Exploding (and i mean exploding) folding Maxxis Advantage off Stans No tubes
  • for the front , or should i think about a wire beading tire


    I have also had maxxis folding non UST tyres explode off the rim (though on landing, not just pushing up a hill). The wire ones stay on fine though, UST ones fit even better. I think folding maxxis are just too floppy for tubeless


    I’ve used 2.5 minion tubeless UST for about a year now, faultless.

    a little draggy

    quite heavy

    but faultless

    ok, not great in gloopy mud,

    but they stay on the rim and don’t tear, nearly faultless


    Is it worse with the wider ones? I’ve been using cross marks and high rollers tubeless on crest rims for several years with no issues. Both are 2.1 though.

    Only ever had tyre explode off the rim when seated properly before adding fliud

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    I had problems with Schwalbe tyres doing this on a Podium rim. Replaced the rim after about 4 tyres, it was getting expensive!

    Perhaps worse with the wider tyres??. Been using a variety of Maxxis tyres on my Stans flow rims for a few years, all folding bead standard non tubless tyres (running tubless). No problems but only 2,25

    All used tyres.

    Used Minions High rollers Advantage and Ardent. No problems so far……….
    Also used balloon spec 2.3 Bontrager xr4 and various others.
    What pressure were you using?

    thanks chaps,

    the already worn Maxxis Advantage tyre must be the issue, i will go for for a new tyre and see how i go,


    Hi folks,

    I had my second outing on my tubeless Stans Flow EX wheelset with a pre used Maxxis folding advantage 2.4 tyre on the front (which I had on my tubed Freedoms for 2 years) and after a fast twisty DH section I walked the bike up a hill and then when stationary, BOOM the front tyre blew off the rim.

    I reckon the flexi pre-used tyre is at fault. My brand new Hans Dampf on the rear is fine (tho folding).

    Any ideas ? I may just buy another folding Dampf


    Which type of Maxxis? I had an issue with an Advantage Exception when first trying tubeless, but haven’t had an issue with either an Ardent 2.4 or High Roller 2.4 with the EXO casing.

    Just to answer your question Northcountryboy, I was running 29 psi in the front as specified by stans for my weight, so not mega low or over pressure.

    Been on another 20km ride today with the tube still in the front, the Dampf on the rear is holding fine even after some edge impacts and rooty sections. I will swap out the Advantage for one of those and thinking about it , the Dampft holds its shape a lot better when off the bike than the maxxis did , which as Nosedive said do seem floppy by comparison.

    I will still keep a tube in my backpack for emergencies tho.


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    I had problems with Schwalbe tyres doing this on a Podium rim.

    Getting engaged in an in depth conversation with LBS which left me out of my depth recently, Schwalbe have changed their compound now as there were issues with the sidewalls when being used tubeless. The new ones that have just cost me a hundred quid have some new mottley sidewalls due to the new compounds.

    If only I wasn’t running 17 year old wheels I might notice the difference 😀

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    Maybe they’ve enlisted Kieth Bontrager on their R&D Team! His tyres used to explode.

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    My rear High Roller has exploded off the Arch EX rim about 4 times in the last year, getting rather fed up with it. It is folding though, so maybe that’s the problem?


    we want ‘the’ Badger pic !!!


    Was this guy involved????



    Not just an issue with folders. I blew a dual ply highroller off a rim not so long ago. Never happened with any other tyre.


    thanks Rachel 😀

    lololololol, I need to come on this site more often. Thanks for that pic.

    Tho I can confirm on this instance he was not involved but the result was similar !

    I’ve had 2.25 advantages come off Flows like a gunshot a few times, once landed a bit whipped and it blew so loud a couple of people nearby hit the deck!

    Hans Dampf TR are much better, harder riding, lower pressures and more stable.


    are these all stans, or mavic rims too?

    not had an issue with 819s and 823s *touch wood


    that’s quite a high pressure for stans, I take it you used the old weight in lbs/7 -1 formula?

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