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  • Experiences with Schwalbe G One All Round TLE
  • airvent

    Just fitted the above and only got half way along my second ride and got a glass puncture which wouldnt seal up with muc off sealant. Have had to plug it with a tyre worm but the carcass feels paper thin.

    The grip seems really good so far but worried about how frail they may be with lots of reports of fast tread wear as well. Has anyone ran them for a decent length of time and can share their experience with these?

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    Got them on a cross bike that spends 95% of its time as a winter road bike mainly on miserable roads. I like them. Roll really well considering they are also pretty grippy when I use them off road. I might struggle in a group ride with them though if everyone else was of a similar level to me and on faster kit. Done about 2000 miles on them and I don’t think they will last too much longer. Not had a single puncture. Don’t hold their pressure particularly well (or at least my setup doesn’t). In the summer they were great off road in dusty dry conditions. So a cautious positive.

    I’ve ripped the sidewall out of 3 now with less than 40 miles covered, just not tough enough for me, I’m on Panaracer gravel king now and much better.


    You’ve ripped 3 sidewall in less than 40 miles?! Are you cycling on a bed of nails?


    I dropped the G-One because I found they cut up really quickly and had a slightly higher rate of puncturing. It’s a shame as they’re otherwise nice tyres (fast, light and comfortable). I’m now on 35mm Gravel Kings, which are much more reassuring.

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    I had G One speeds but found they punctured way too easily for my liking so now on WTB Byways.


    Also had a few punctures, which thankfully sealed up OK with Stans.

    Round here its little tiny pieces of razor sharp flint that slices into the rubber.

    I have quite often cleaned the tyres up, let them dry off then use superglue and just pinch the slices back together.

    On the road running at 55psi back and front.

    Loose about 10psi per week. Did put them into a big bucket of water, but could not see any air escaping.

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    Similar to others, I’ve found them a bit fragile and needed to patch them a couple of times. Running for 2 years now with about 3500km in them and not worn yet though. Will probably try gravelkings next to see if they fare better for punctures.

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    Used them with tubes on my commuter and never had any issues, glad I never tried tubeless!

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    Run them on my Allroads, are perfect for this time of year. Ridden practically every day on them since September, no punctures, rips or other damage and I commute on some pretty shitty roads. Hold air well too. Will replace with the same (again)

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