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  • expensive headsets, any point?
  • My headset has becomes abit gritty, but I only feel it when im turning it standing still at home and it doesnt bother me when im out riding. Why do people pay £90 for a king headset when it only really turns 90 degrees? I understand with crank bearings which have to make thousands of rotations, but a headset which just has to go 45 degeers each way? Do I really need to change it or am I just being drawn in by the marketing? (because I am tempted!)

    Kings score the steerer tube too…. brilliant eh!


    Lots of reviews


    kings only score the steerer if you are foolish enough to install a steerer that’s not been filed down and you damage the o-ring seal on the top race cap.
    otherwise, it’ll be fine with the odd bit of maintenance for years to come.
    and that’s on 180mm forks, 160mm forks, etc.
    willgetalogin – time to learn basic installation techniques methinks 🙄


    I have my king h/set 8 eight years on three different bikes and i got it second hand it has done well over 2000 miles and most of those are long distance day rides in wales etc i have greased once a year, as long as the head tube is faced befroe fitting its fine and


    Why do people pay £90 for a king headset when it only really turns 90 degrees?

    Because it really will last 10 years, at least with little or no maintainance. That’s where the ‘value’ comes from. How many £30 headsets would you get through in that time?

    FWIW We have 4 King headsets in our garage and we’ve not paid more than £70 for any of them. 2 came from the USA and 2 were secondhand. Going rate is £40-45.


    i’ve only used cheapo headsets and can only speak from my experience but i have never ever greased serviced any of my headsets and never ever had to replace any (i think the oldest one is about 5yrs old now), all run smooth as silk so maybe its worth trying a cheap one. i certainly wont rush out to blow a load of cash on a king. (they do look nice though)
    FYI i ride all year through dartmoor muck wind rain and shine.

Viewing 7 posts - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)

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