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  • z1ppy

    Well when I say expensive I mean £40 chains.. I’m never going to spend over that…
    There was a thread about this on the old forum, but obviously that gones so… are they worth it?

    I’ve always tended to buy £15-20 chains, and considering I bought three of them with my last chainset (std triple setup) to try to offset wear.
    I totally destroyed the first 2 in a couple of months, then gave up changing it and ran the final one up until now – around a year in total for all three.
    The middle ring is now totally trashed, so it time to start again.

    So do expensive chains last longer in your experience?… so are supposedly worth it?


    ….so everyone use cheap chains?



    I won’t pay over a fiver. I don’t use them for long. Guess what, my cassettes last forever.


    Yes, mostly.

    Its diminishing returns. You will be hard pressed to notice the difference between a £20 chain and a £40 one. Buy the lowest priced “performance” chain, will be just as good once it’s covered in mud and grime.

    It’s your money though.

    i just use £9 KMC ones, better shifting than shimano, but then its hard to tell as you always go from a worn chain to a new chain.

    i usualy just run a couple of chains, that way if one snaps a few times its no big deal as i can jst use the other without changeing cassettes.


    second the kmc chains
    they are cheaper but seem to last about the same time as my previous shimano ones
    i now use these all the time and together with a chain checker my cassettes and rings are lasting longer


    KMC chains are the best IMO and reasonable, unless you get the SL versions, which are lighter.

    The only ‘expensive’ chain that might be worth it is the Rohlff chain.


    I use KMC X9 SL chains – now using an X10 SL though.

    Far better shifting than Shimano or Sram, miles better durability too. I’d rather buy 1 x chain at £45 than 3 or 4 cheap ones during the same life span.


    see off-roading’s comment was they type I remember from the ‘old’ thread.
    Does kinda make sense…

    Anyone else?


    I seem to be in a minority here but I’d stretched a KMC X9SL chain inside three months, and I normally get 9 months from a SRAM.

    Premier Icon stuartlangwilson

    Rohloff chains seem to last longer than Sram, Shimano or Connex.

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